Sustainable Construction Services


D&B Construction is a pioneer of sustainability and LEED, the most widely used sustainable construction rating system in the world. Sustainable construction is not only beneficial to our environment, but it is beneficial to one another. Sustainably constructed buildings promote healthier living, and research shows that people who live or work in a sustainable build experience proven psychological benefits. For example, cognitive function scores rose by 61% in a green office building and employees were 44% better at making decisions towards achieving workplace goals. A report conducted by Grand View Research illustrated that the sustainable construction materials market has been a vital part of the construction industry’s green footprint and is expected to be worth $364.6 billion this year.

Operations Manager and LEED AP, Jess, on-site at a 34,000 SF fit-out.

Our team is comprised of accredited LEED professionals, like our Operations Manager, Jess, who obtained her LEED AP ID+C (focused on interior design and construction) certification. Jessica became a LEED accredited professional because she “knew it would be important and relevant moving forward.”


At D&B Construction, we also put a huge emphasis on adaptive reuse, another form of sustainability in the construction industry. Converting buildings to give them new life has ingrained environmental benefits, and is something we do best. Check out some of our recent adaptive reuse work by learning about this 80,000 SF commercial office fit out and this 190,800 SF project that transformed professional office buildings into 81 industrial luxury apartments.

What our customers say about working with D&B:

“D&B projects are clean, organized, and safe projects to work on. They communicate clearly with all of the trade teams, which leads to successful projects. Their Superintendents, Project Managers, Engineers, and support/admin staff are always accessible and willing to help. Coordination and scheduling are always well thought out and communicated from planning to completion. Paramount Contracting, Inc. is proud to team up with D&B Construction on an adaptive reuse project to create the Stratix workspace. D&B handled the design changes due to un-known existing conditions during the initial design to get to the final design. Re-opening old window openings, adding a fifth floor/lobby, leveling out the floors, exposing some of the structural elements and keeping the original brick look with a CIFS finish to meet a continuous insulation design all helped turn the old building into a modern office space.”

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