On-Site Management Consulting


Whether your project is falling behind schedule or is staying right on track, there’s never a bad time to get an outsider’s perspective. Our team of experts can be brought onto your job site to offer a complete project enhancement with our innovative techniques. As you face new challenges that throw your team off track, we step in to bring direction and effective strategy. Our goal is to help you more efficiently and effectively reach your goals. We do this through providing a 360-degree view of your entire project landscape.

What our customers say about working with D&B:

“Here at Metropolitan, for the last 10 years we used our own building division to construct our multi-family development construction projects. However, in January of 2020 we began working with D&B Construction Group, and they have completely taken over all construction related activities for us. They begin with comprehensive pre-construction services, manage the site work, and of course the vertical construction all the way through to dedication. Their founding partners are Dan Gring and Brennan Reichenbach. I have great admiration for them personally, as the two of them have built the company from day one into a large and highly respected commercial construction company. Even though we were building all of our own product, once we were introduced to the D&B team it quickly became obvious that they were doing it so much better and so much more efficiently than we were. We thoroughly vetted D&B, more so than any one client would do so for an individual construction project. I can tell you from that recent experience having managed that process for Metropolitan that I heard nothing but great things from their many clients throughout Eastern Pennsylvania that made the decision to work with them incredibly obvious and easy to do.”

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