Pre-Construction Consulting


A Project Well Planned is a Project Half Complete



We know that when you truly care about the people around you and treat them right, you get great results. The same thing goes for truly caring about a project. Every successful project starts with a strong foundation. We help you develop that foundation throughout our pre-construction process.


At D&B Construction, we offer a customized, streamlined, and comprehensive pre-construction process. We start every job by analyzing the scope of work for your project to develop an accurate budget, conduct cost-estimating, and cost-savings analysis, and refine the construction schedule. We have such a strong focus on value engineering throughout the design process because we know how imperative it is to a well-planned project. Our process has been fine-tuned over our 10+ years of specializing in this industry, which means you always receive the full benefit of working with a team of experts. 

We take a holistic approach to the planning of your project by having everyone gather around our table to expedite a comprehensive project delivery. This includes everyone from our design team partners and consultants to permitting, zoning, and government authorities.

Our Pre-Construction Consulting Process

  • Project Site Analysis
  • Design
  • Budgeting

What our customers say about working with D&B:

“The D&B team has proven itself to be a bona fide partner in the construction process for every project we have worked on together. The amount of attention and insight into the ‘buildability’ of a project applied during the pre-construction design and value engineering stages has resulted in a more streamlined design process, ultimately getting us to a point where the project is on budget and ready to build in the most efficient manner.”

Partner with D&B on your project

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