Construction Management


We work with all stakeholders, including the project owner, architect, engineer, and general contractor, to ensure all parties’ goals are aligned and determine the best possible sequence of operation for construction.


Our combined education and hands-on experience lead to higher quality results for owners. Studies show that using professional CMs saves money and mitigates/manages any risk. Our diligence ensures that the project is delivered safely on time, at or under budget, and to the owner’s expectations in terms of quality, scope, and function.

We protect the owner’s interest in the project by following our risk transfer and waiver of subrogation processes with trade partner contracts and subcontract documentation. D&B Construction uses industry-standard best practices to successfully manage the following areas: schedule, cost/budget, compliance of safety regulations, quality, function, and scope.


At the projects’ turnover meeting, which marks our transition from pre-construction to course of construction, our team will create the construction plan through our scheduling software Microsoft Project. The construction plan will lay out the projects’ critical path with key milestones and all requirements for passing designated quality inspections.

D&B’s project management platform, Procore, allows real-time tracking of all quality reports, checklists, and updates throughout construction. Projects in Procore are updated daily to provide full transparency of schedule, costs, and quality.

What our customers say about working with D&B:

“The professionalism, organization, and quality of work D&B Construction puts forth is leaps and bounds above their competitors throughout the Delaware Valley region. Having worked with a multitude of contracted individuals, their weaknesses/shortcomings have been only further magnified now having worked with D&B. D&B sets the standard for construction/project management.”

Start Your Construction Job On The Right Track With D&B

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