At D&B Construction we maintain our high level of quality and service by continually updating our innovative processes and staying in tune with the latest industry technology, including Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). We utilize BIM and VDC so we can virtually simulate your projects before we move to design and build. This increases our certainty, allowing us to have enhanced collaboration that will allow for better-informed decisions. Early risk mitigation, increased efficiency, reduction in delays, more precise planning, and better visualizations are all benefits of this technology. These benefits form the backbone of our value engineering, allowing us to keep your project on time and within budget. The use of BIM and VDC simultaneously improves our overall customer experience. This process allows us to identify any conflicts or challenges virtually before the actual construction begins, which reduces the time and cost of your construction project.

A virtual flyby of The Apartments at 2500, a multi-family complex in pre-construction with our team. Video courtesy of Tim Cox, Meister-Cox Architects.


VDC has two areas of focus: 

  • The use of BIM as a virtual prototype to plan work
  • Using the output of VDC process to execute the work

Our design team utilizes VDC as part of their work processes, such as engineering analysis or lighting, and the construction team uses it for processes like scheduling and estimating a project, as well as analyzing the design for constructability.

VDC enhances the work process, particularly planning and scheduling 

With VDC, you can replace the traditional critical path (CPM) project schedule, which will have thousands of actions required to build a project to completion, with a 4D visual plan displaying this schedule.

With the innovative technology of BIM and VDC, you are virtually building the entire structure before physically building it, allowing D&B Construction to more efficiently take your project from rendering to reality.

What Our Customers Say About Working With D&B:

"D&B gives us, the architects; the ability to do what we love. To create great architecture. D&B makes it come to life through excellence in construction, management and collaboration. As architects, your vision is only as good as the execution of construction. We couldn’t ask for a better partner in D&B. We know the level of perfection the D&B team brings to the table in building the vision. We look forward to many years of design and construction excellence with D&B. It has been a remarkable experience to be working with D&B on some world class projects that can take full advantage of this collaborative approach and give the entire team the ability to shine and to be able to take advantage of all that the BIM process can offer. D&B has brought together the best clients, projects, architects and craftsmen to create some amazing projects. BIM and VDC provide benefits for the contractor, the owners, and the agencies that we need to seek approval from. On the contractor’s side it provides a more complete and thorough set of documents when the entire design team is utilizing the BIM process in a holistic, collaborative way. This includes architecture, structural and MEP disciplines. It helps to uncover issues in constructability early in the process to avoid clashes of construction systems. BIM can go well beyond that; to energy analysis and material takeoffs, solar studies, interior lighting analysis, etc. For the owner and shareholders, the ability to visualize the project throughout all stages of the process is invaluable. It allows the entire team to buy into the concept of the final project with confidence. BIM allows the entire team to explore materials, form, light and shadow for a specific building site at any time of the day or year with extreme accuracy and realism. It takes a lot of the unknowns out of the equation and gives stakeholders confidence early on and throughout the design process. The benefits of visualization through still renderings, animation video and virtual reality walkthroughs are vital for gaining buy in and acceptance from zoning hearing boards, municipal authorities and community groups."

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