General Contractors Philadelphia, PA

General Contractors Philadelphia, PA

Whether you plan to renovate an industrial warehouse or construct a second building in an office park, consider working with D&B Construction, one of the top general contractors in Philadelphia, PA, to ensure your project finishes on time and under budget.

General contractors that oversee construction projects organize and manage the team of subcontractors needed to pull off a successful renovation or the building of a structure. Deciding to hire a general contractor is an easy decision to make for a construction project. The difficult decision boils down to choosing the right general contractor for your construction project.

4 Tips for Finding the Right General Contractor

If you know a trusted friend, family member, or professional peer that recommends a general contractor for your construction project, then you have the inside track to finding the best company to properly complete the job. You could also follow these four tips to find the right contractor for your project.

Check References and Read Reviews

Any reputable general contractor should have a list of references for you to check. References should come from property owners that confirm that a company dedicates itself to completing a high-quality construction project similar to the one you are about to start. If possible, stop by one or more of the completed construction projects that are listed in a candidate’s professional portfolio.

Online reviews can give you a good idea about the quality work they perform. The more, the merrier should be the guiding principle when it comes to online reviews. A general contractor that has complied dozens of highly positive online reviews on sites like Facebook and Google should be a credible candidate for working on your construction project.

Understand What the Company Does Well

A general contractor operating in the 21st century is much more than a company that builds residential and commercial structures. You also want to work with a contractor that handles all the administrative work associated with a construction project. This means the general contractor you choose should obtain all the right permits and submit the proper zoning paperwork to the appropriate government agencies.

Some general contractors offer additional services, such as providing a cost estimate and then educating potential voters about the impact of a referendum to build a structure within a community.

Safety First Matters

The construction industry is considered one of the most dangerous occupations. From falling from a scaffold to igniting a fire from an unexpected source, working in a construction zone can bring with it a host of safety issues. You want to work with a general contractor in Philadelphia that has established an impeccable safety record to prevent harm to the trade professionals working on-site, as well as anyone living or working on-site.

Working with a safety-first team of general contractors also keeps your project moving along at the right pace and within the project budget.

How Well Does the General Contractor Communicate?

Communication skills are an integral part of a successful general contractor’s professional resume. It is not just about presenting a clear vision for your construction project. You also want to work with a general contractor in Philadelphia who keeps you updated on the progress of the project. Any bumps in the road should be conveyed in a timely manner to give you options for addressing minor and/or major project issues.

Discover why property owners in Philadelphia, PA, turn to D&B Construction when evaluating general contractors by submitting our online form or by calling us at 610-609-8663.

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