General Contractors Near Me

General Contractors Near Me

The time has finally arrived. You are going to answer the question “Which of the general contractors near me is the best one to run my major construction project?”

Hiring a general contractor for your project is the most important decision you can expect to make. After all, hiring a general contractor takes the decision-making out of your hands and puts it into the hands of a trusted, state-licensed construction company.

Removing the burden of overseeing your major construction project is just one benefit of hiring a general contractor.

Benefits of Working with a General Contractor

The knock on your door in the middle of the day is not from one of the many subcontractors that have encountered a problem. It is from the general contractor who is letting you know that your major construction project is on schedule. Freeing up your time is another benefit of hiring a general contractor. Here are a few others:

Oversees Every Step of Your Project

A general contractor assumes full control of every step of your major construction project. The contractor negotiates prices with supply vendors, hires subcontractors from a wide variety of professional trades, and ensures the meeting of every government-mandated safety standard. Instead of getting a phone call at work concerning a landscaping question, the general contractor you hire to plan and manage your project handles every issue that develops.

Has the Professional Shops to Get the Job Done Right

Hiring a qualified general contractor eliminates the need for you to acquire the license and insurance required by state law. In Pennsylvania, most of the major cities have established requirements for a general contractor to receive a state-approved license. For example, Philadelphia has set the following requirements for a company to receive a general contractor license.

  • Business tax identification number
  • Motor vehicle liability insurance
  • Commercial activity license
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Employer’s liability insurance

In Philadelphia, a company must obtain a general contractor license for working on any construction project that is worth at least $500.

Meets Deadlines

Before the first brick is set, before the first wire is attached, the general contractor you hire for your construction project creates a plan that sets deadlines for every step required to successfully complete your construction project on time. Mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars and set your major construction project back weeks, if not months.

Legal Liability

Every legal liability issue that can pop up during a major construction project is no longer your responsibility. One of the reasons why hiring a general contractor makes sense is that the contractor assumes responsibility for every potential legal issue that arises during a major construction project. This benefit includes acquiring every permit required to get to the project finish line. You never have to deal with a government agency to keep your project on track for a successful finish.

Benefits of Hiring D&B Construction Group

With an unwavering commitment to workplace safety, D&B Construction exemplifies why you should turn to one of the top general contractors for your Pennsylvania project. We put our team of highly skilled project managers through extensive safety training to prevent costly and time-consuming workplace accidents. Learn more about the services provided by D&B Construction by calling our office at 610-6098-8663 or by submitting the convenient form located on our website.

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