General Contractors in Pennsylvania

General Contractors in Pennsylvania

As full-service general contractors, D&B Construction offers a wide variety of construction services for our commercial and residential clients in Pennsylvania. We are proud of the reputation we have earned for delivering the highest quality of services, ranging from the design phase to the post-construction phase of a construction project.

Whether you need to renovate just one office space or build a multiple-story apartment complex in the heart of Reading, PA, you can expect our bonded and licensed team of construction pros to complete the project on time and under budget.

Dedicated to Creating a Safe Work Environment

Paying attention to the smallest details is just one attribute that separates D&B Construction from other general contractors. We pay special attention to creating and maintaining the safest work environments for our team of trade professionals, as well as for our clients.

Without the implementation of the following safety measures, a construction worksite can place everyone in harm’s way.

Hands-On Management

Some general contractors do not have management personnel onsite throughout every workday. D&B Construction ensures workplace safety by having a management team on-site to oversee project deadlines, as well as off-site to adapt to last-minute changes in a blueprint.

Part of our management team’s job is to promote safe working conditions for all employees, regardless of their position with our company and your company. Practice makes perfect for a large number of business initiatives, which means we follow workplace safety principles for every commercial and residential construction project.

Updated Safety Training

In addition to holding regularly scheduled safety training classes, D&B Construction also ensures we teach the latest principles that promote workplace safety. What was effective in developing a safe workplace last year might not be the same effective safety principles that apply to next year’s workplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic required us to educate our trade professionals about the different protocols that keep us safe onsite, as well as at our office. The last thing you want is for an outbreak to happen at your new or refurbished structure. We invest in the most advanced personal protective equipment (PPE), as well as emphasize the importance of proper social distancing onsite and at our corporate office.

Awareness of What is Around Us

We can train our trade professionals until they can recite our safety manual word for word. However, everything that we teach concerning workplace safety measures means nothing unless everyone works together to stay aware of what is around us, especially at busy construction sites. Carelessness at a receiving dock or near a large crane can lead to a workplace incident that produces one or more serious injuries.

Awareness is one of the most important elements of a successful construction site safety strategy.

Using New Technologies

Advanced technology has become an integral partner when developing workplace safety initiatives. We can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect any potential safety issues onsite. AI software can assess several risk factors to determine where our construction managers should focus their attention. Look at AI technology as a preventive tool to enhance onsite safety for our team, as well as your employees.

Advanced technology comes in handy for jobs that require renovations because in most cases, renovation projects allow our clients to keep at least some of their team onsite.

Featured Project: Chop Souderton

One of the projects that we expect to complete soon is the construction of CHOP Souderton. This important structure will be the home for nearly 30 examination rooms, as well as several triage and clinical workstations. We worked with the client to design CHOP Souderton with a safety-first approach in mind. Each room underwent an extensive review to determine the best location in the state-of-the-art medical facility.

Find out how the skilled general contractors at D&B Construction can complete your project in Pennsylvania without one safety incident by calling us at (610) 609-8663 or by submitting the short online form.

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