General Contractors in New Jersey

General Contractors in New Jersey

Whether your construction project in New Jersey is small or large, you should partner with a general contractor that has established a record of providing superior services in the Garden State. As an award-winning general contractor, D&B Construction collaborates with clients in a wide variety of construction projects.

You might think it is a good idea to go it alone when meeting your construction vision, but working with one of the most accomplished general contractors in New Jersey can make the difference between unveiling a new building and having to pay for mistakes made during the construction process.

Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

A general contractor represents the primary contractor of a commercial or residential construction project. The general contractor that you choose to oversee your construction project interacts with every vendor and subcontractor, as well as sources the highest quality of materials.

You might ask the question, “Why should I hire a general contractor.” We are here to give you the answers.

Time Saver

Residential and commercial projects can run months, if not years, before someone cuts the blue ribbon to open a structure. General contractors are responsible for ensuring every phase of a construction project meets a deadline. When Murphy’s Law takes over, you want to partner with a contractor that knows how to handle a problem in a timely manner. From supply bottlenecks to safety inspection issues, D&B Construction is there to keep your construction project on track to meet its deadline.


You might be tempted to shave a few bucks off the construction budget by going with a less-experienced team of trade professionals. However, cutting cost corners on a general contractor often leads to a project budget that bleeds a considerable amount of money. A properly licensed contractor knows how to keep a construction project running within the project budget.

Skilled Project Planning

A highly-rated general contractor such as D&B Construction is much more than a supplier of labor for your construction project. The contractor you choose should be highly skilled at planning the entire project, from creating the blueprints for success to ensuring you obtain every permit that follows the local building code.

Takes Care of License and Insurance

If you decide to oversee your construction project, you can expect to handle the paperwork that comes with acquiring a license and insurance. General contractors in New Jersey take care of all licensing and insurance requirements, which saves you both time and money.

Single Point of Communication

General contractors act as the focal point for all communications. They handle correspondence sent by vendors, as well as communicate with local governing bodies to obtain the right permits. Instead of answering the questions posed by numerous subcontractors, you interact with the general contractor to learn what the subcontractors need to know to get the job done right.

This includes receiving constant updates and feedback concerning the status of your construction project.

Hire a General Contractor That Cares

Perhaps the most important attribute of the best general contractors in New Jersey is the level of caring that a company exhibits regarding the successful completion of a construction project. D&B Construction receives rave reviews online for the way we handle unexpected problems that arise with a commercial or residential construction project.

To learn more about why you should partner with D&B Construction, give us a call at (610) 609-8663 or submit the short form located on our website.

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