General Contractors in Delaware

General Contractors in Delaware

The role of a general contractor in a construction project is like being the quarterback of a professional football team. Leading every piece of the construction puzzle requires a significant amount of organizational skills, as well as knowing when to jump into the mix to ensure the job gets done right. From collaborating with clients during the design phase of a construction project to meeting every permit obligation established by local building codes, general contractors in Delaware wear many hats.

With more than a decade of experience leading commercial and residential projects, D&B Construction sits at the top of the list of general contractors in Delaware. We would like to be the quarterback of your upcoming construction project.

Structural Support for the Healthcare Industry in Delaware

Delaware is among the most important states along the East Coast in terms of providing world-class healthcare. D&B Construction specializes in building new medical facilities, as well as refurbishing current ones to deliver the best in healthcare practices.

Whether you need a large-scale renovation or the construction of a new medical center, our team of bonded and licensed general contractors in Delaware will help you design and construct ADA-compliant structures for the following types of facilities.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Outpatient
  • Acute care
  • Surgery
  • Diagnostic imaging

What to Look for in a General Contractor

Finding the right company that operates as one of the general contractors in Delaware involves conducting a little research. Here is what you should look for.

Proper Credentials

The first item on your list should be to ensure the contractor possesses the proper license. Delaware issues licenses to general contractors that meet state-mandated qualifications. You also want to work with a general contractor that manages a team of professionals that has achieved industry-sanctioned certifications.

Extensive Experience

It is not just the number of years a company has put in as one of the general contractors in Delaware. You also want to consider the quality of the work done during the time a company has organized and managed residential and commercial construction projects. The Better Business Bureau (BB) and online customer reviews can give you insight into the level of quality experience a contractor has.

Meeting Deadlines

Construction projects are time-sensitive endeavors that require contractors to meet every deadline established for a project. Turnaround times that appear to be too short can indicate a company that sacrifices quality for speed. On the other hand, a deadline that looks like it is too long can demonstrate a lack of organization on the part of a contractor.


Contractors that exceed their operating budgets can bust your budget for a commercial or residential construction project. Make sure you do not succumb to the temptation to base your hiring decision on price alone. A low contract price does not translate into the successful completion of a construction project.

Communication Skills

Communication is everything during a construction project. Any company that you have placed on your shortlist of candidates must respond quickly to your emails, phone calls, and text messages. You can determine how a contractor communicates by reaching out to every company under consideration during your vetting process.

Schedule a Free Consultation with D&B Construction

As one of the most accomplished general contractors in Delaware, D&B Construction adapts to the rapid changes that can derail most projects. Learn more about our highly-rated services by submitting our convenient online form or by calling our office at (610) 609-8663.

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