Commercial General Contractors in York, PA

Years of meticulous planning for your commercial construction project has reached the most crucial step: Choosing the best general contractors serving York, PA.

With the commercial construction industry rebounding after surviving the worst of the COVID pandemic, hiring the right company to oversee your dream is one of the most important decisions you can expect to make. D&B Construction makes the decision easier because of our more than ten years of completing successful commercial construction projects in eastern Pennsylvania.

We provide the most comprehensive list of commercial construction services that include pre-construction consulting. Our team of design experts sits down with you to brainstorm ideas, with input from the architects and interior designers we work with on commercial construction projects.

How to Hire the Right Company

You have several choices for hiring a commercial construction company. Let’s see how you can make the decision-making process easier to complete.

Safety First

Several factors can delay a commercial construction project, such as bad weather and disruption in the supply chain. One delay can cost a considerable amount of money as well.

We’re talking about construction site accidents.

D&B Construction has implemented the most extensive safety training program in our industry. We coordinate with the State of Pennsylvania to promote workplace safety. From designating a Safety Director to holding monthly safety meetings, we educate our team about the latest advances in workplace safety practices.

We also work closely with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to establish preventive measures that keep your commercial construction project moving forward without delays. Our Safety Committee meets once a month to ensure that we fully comply with OSHA workplace safety regulations.

Partners with the Best Subcontractors

Although you hire us to manage your commercial construction project, we cannot do it successfully unless we recruit the most skilled and experienced subcontractors. Ten years of experience has helped us develop a network of the best trade professionals in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. With an extensive network of highly skilled trade professionals, we recruit the ones that are the best fit for your project.

Open Communication

Just because you hire D&B Construction to manage your commercial construction project does not mean you should stay out of the communication loop. We will send you daily progress reports, as well as any changes in the project schedule. You have full access to every financial and accounting document to ensure complete transparency. Any company you consider to manage your project must promptly respond to your emails, phone calls, and text messages.

We have several client service specialists on our team that take care of communicating with our clients.

Favorable Client Reviews

Favorable client reviews should not be the only criterion that forms your decision to hire a general contractor. Client reviews should be the information you use to confirm the professional credentials of a company that submits a bid to work on your project. D&B Construction receives highly favorable reviews from our clients and the highest rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

D&B Construction: A Company That You Can Trust

From clearly written contracts to a transparent accounting system, D&B Construction quickly builds trust with clients. As you consider hiring a commercial general contractor for a project in York, PA, learn more about why property owners turn to D&B Construction to manage their projects. Call our office at 610-927-6494 or submit our convenient contact form.

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