Commercial General Contractors in Washington Township, NJ

Commercial General Contractors in Washington Township, NJ

What is the most important decision you can expect to make for your commercial construction project? Which of the commercial general contractors operating in Washington Township, NJ, and across the tri-state region is the right one for you. There are dozens of candidates within just 50 miles of your new commercial property.

Hiring a commercial general contractor makes sense for several reasons. First, a team of experienced project managers from D&B Construction do all the dirty work, such as schedule project phases and recruit independent contractors. This frees up a substantial amount of your time to pursue other business interests. Second, the trusted team ensures your project finishes on time and under budget. We know how to negotiate favorable deals with our dependable suppliers.

Third, you want your design vision to come alive. With the help of D&B Construction, we offer pre-construction services that include brainstorming design ideas for your property. Our team of architects, engineers, and designers works like a well-oiled machine when suggesting design ideas for clients.

What Makes D&B Construction Stand Out?

You have a tough decision to make when choosing the right general contractor for your project. Let us make the decision-making process go quickly by describing how we stand out among the competition.

Commitment to Workplace Safety

An accident onsite can cost you a considerable amount of time to complete your project. D&B Construction works closely with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to develop and run comprehensive safety training programs. We also coordinate with the State of Pennsylvania by conducting monthly meetings that emphasize the latest tips for workplace safety. Our Safety Director organizes every event that focuses on workplace safety and visits other D&B Construction sites to ensure we follow all workplace safety protocols.

Anticipate and Adapt to Change

To say the supply chain has been disrupted in 2021 is a tremendous understatement. However, we anticipated the logjam at national ports long before the supply chain disruptions became a reality. We have developed a partnership with our suppliers that helps us stay on top of the latest supply chain news.

The project managers at D&B Construction also keep a keen eye on the weather forecast. The tri-state region experiences various weather conditions, including ice storms, heavy snowfall, severe thunderstorms, and the occasional nor’easter. By anticipating poor weather, we change the project work schedule to ensure everyone remains productive.

Positive Online Reviews from Our Clients

You can get insight into what makes D&B Construction successful by reading the online reviews left by our clients on sites such as Facebook and Google. It is not just the five-star reviews that make us shine online. Praise from our clients also mentions words such as efficient, honesty, and professional. D&B Construction has earned the highest honor of an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB hands out ratings that define a company’s professional reputation.

Work with the Best Project Managers in the Tri-State Area

When you hire one of the best commercial general contractors, you also hire a team of the best-specialized trade professionals. D&B Construction’s more than ten years of experience in Washington Township, NJ, has helped us develop an extensive list of the highest-rated trade professionals. We recruit the most accomplished roofers, plumbers, masons, and landscapers to work on your projects.

Learn more about what makes D&B Construction successful by submitting the online form or by calling 610-927-6494. The first meeting is a free consultation that provides you with more information about our services.

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