Commercial General Contractors in Upper Darby, PA

From restoring the appearance of an older building to building a multi-structure healthcare facility from scratch, D&B Construction has more than ten years of experience working with clients in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. We can be the head coach, so to speak, for your commercial construction project in Upper Darby, PA.

Commercial general contractors are like the head coach of an NFL team. Such contractors do not work with assistants; they work with subcontractors that are the masters of a specific trade. The head coach coordinates with every assistant to create a well-thought-out game plan and a strategy to execute the play-calling flawlessly.

Hire a General Contractor or Do It Yourself?

You might consider managing your project without the help of a general contractor to save money. However, going it alone could cost you much more money than you have in your project budget.

D&B Construction has established strong working relationships with every one of our suppliers. Because of the solid relationships and our bulk purchasing power, many of our partners provide us with discounts on supplies, materials, and equipment. The money that we save is passed on to you. We also save money for our clients by recruiting the best-specialized subcontractors in their respective trades. With a focus on quality, our team of subcontractors works hard to finish projects before deadlines. This is another money-saving benefit of hiring D&B Construction.

You also have to consider your time. Do you have the time to communicate with several specialized contractors and schedule each task to be completed by each one? Managing an entire commercial construction project is a full-time job, and then some. D&B Construction handles every task that is required for the successful completion of a commercial construction project.

Workplace Safety is Our Business

Commercial construction projects can sometimes encounter delays, such as a supplier running a day or two behind with materials delivery. Project delays cost money, especially those that involve the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Workplace accidents that cause harm to workers represent another expense that cuts into your bottom line. What is the answer to workplace safety issues?

Hire a company like D&B Construction that makes an unwavering commitment to protecting the health of everyone involved with a commercial construction project.

We have a Safety Director who works closely with OSHA to provide safety training for every team member. Our commitment to workplace safety also requires every subcontractor to receive OSHA-sanctioned workplace safety training. Not only does our extensive safety training save you money by preventing injuries, but it also saves you money because our training program significantly reduces the number of costly delays.

More Than a Decade of Experience

For more than a decade, D&B Construction has developed into one of the leading commercial general contractors in Upper Darby, PA. It is not the number of years that matters. As our clients will confirm, our goal is to deliver the highest quality of work before every deadline.

Find out why companies across Pennsylvania hire D&B Construction for their projects by calling us at 610-927-6494 or submitting our online contact form. We offer every potential client a free estimate for their commercial construction project.

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