Commercial General Contractors in Smyrna, DE

If you are considering hiring one of the best commercial general contractors serving Smyrna, DE, you have taken the first step towards completing a successful construction project. Now you have to answer the question, ‘What defines the best company to work on my project.”

D&B Construction has worked with clients that operate commercial properties in a wide variety of business niches, from mom-and-pop hardware stores to sprawling industrial parks located in the heart of a city. Each client brought different criteria to the table when it came to selecting a general contractor. However, one criterion remains consistent for every one of our clients.

They want a company that will provide highly rated construction services.

One of the advantages we offer clients is a team of project managers who will oversee every phase of a commercial construction project. D&B Construction is available to brainstorm design ideas long before you break ground on a project. We remain onsite until the last inspector leaves your property, which means it is time for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Importance of the Pre-Construction Phase of Your Project

Plenty of planning goes into completing a successful commercial construction project, but many of our clients don’t know that D&B Construction can help them come up with design ideas that match their creative visions. We work with architects and interior designers to create different design ideas. Then, we sit down with you and your team to brainstorm additional ideas until you agree to a specific design plan.

The benefits of brainstorming with our team of design experts include the following:

  • Faster completion of your project
  • Lower supply expenses
  • The enhanced curb appeal of your property
  • Prepare for changes to your design plan
  • Improve safety in the workplace

D&B Construction Promotes Workplace Safety

An onsite accident can cause one or more workers serious injuries. In addition to caring for the health of our team and yours, we also want to prevent an unnecessary shutdown of your project. Project delays cost a considerable amount of money and push back the completion date for your project.

D&B Construction works closely with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to educate every one of our employees and subcontractors about workplace safety. Our Safety Committee meets once a month to develop updated workplace safety guidelines that we immediately implement to protect employees and independent contractors. We also coordinate with the States of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania to enhance workplace safety for everyone who visits or works on your construction site.

Closing Out a Commercial Construction Project

You have heard the saying, “tie up loose ends.” For D&B Construction, this means staying engaged with your project managers until the last inspector leaves your property. Before you open your doors for business, we take care of a list of tasks that ensures we “tie up loose ends.”

  • Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of property
  • Provide your employees with training on how to operate specialized equipment
  • Present maintenance schedule and instructions
  • Acquire every government-mandated permit
  • Create a database for inventory

We also engage with clients after they open their doors for business. This type of commitment is not the rule but the exception for general contractors in the Tri-State area.

Schedule a Free Consultation

The number of commercial general contractors that operate within 50 miles of Smyrna, DE, is staggering. Save yourself time by making D&B Construction the first contractor on your contact list. We offer a free consultation that includes a short brainstorming session to get the ball rolling on your design vision. Schedule your free consultation today by submitting our short online form or by calling us at 610-927-6494.

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