Commercial General Contractors in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Commercial General Contractors in Rehoboth Beach, DE

When you consider hiring one of the commercial general contractors that operate in Rehoboth Beach, DE, you want to collaborate with a partner that handles every stage of your project. Working with multiple contractors during different phases of your commercial construction project can lead to confusion that causes significant disruptions to the workflow.

One project, one commercial general contractor to provide highly-rated services.

At D&B Construction, we offer our clients several advantages that they do not get when hiring another commercial general contractor. One of the most significant advantages is that we handle every step of the commercial construction process. It starts with one or more brainstorming sessions with a client to get a general design idea.

It ends with a ribbon-cutting ceremony that launches your business dream.

Supporting Your Creative Vision

The brainstorming sessions that we hold with clients plant the seeds for successfully completing a commercial construction project.

Working with a contractor who participates in the design phase of a project delivers several benefits.

  • Faster completion of a project
  • Enhanced visual effects
  • Reduced accident risk
  • Lower project expenses
  • Ability to plan for unexpected changes to the design plan

Staying Engaged After Construction

Hammering the last nail or brushing on the final coat of paint does not mean that we store our tools and leave your project site. We remain engaged with our clients long after the successful completion of a project. Sometimes, minor issues arise that require our dedicated attention. We take care of the issues promptly to keep your business running smoothly.

Here are the most common types of project close-out services that D&B Construction provides for clients:

  • Sanitize and remove debris
  • Prepare you to open your doors for customers
  • Train your employees on how to operate equipment
  • Provide maintenance instructions
  • Create a database for inventory
  • Obtain all permits

What You Need to Ask a Commercial General Contractor

The selection process for a general contractor should be a thorough process that involves asking the following questions.

  • Is every member of your construction team bonded and licensed?
  • Can you create a detailed plan for every stage of my project?
  • Can you provide me with three professional references?
  • Have you completed a similar project?
  • Do you plan to have at least one project manager on-site every day of my project?

The answer to the last question can be a deal-breaker. Some commercial construction companies spread their project management team too thin, which means one or more projects go without any hands-on supervision. You want to work with a commercial general contractor that takes a hands-on approach to project management.

Learn More About D&B Construction

Typing in the search phrase “Commercial general contractors in Rehoboth Beach, DE” will return dozens of options. How do you narrow the long list of candidates down to a few alternatives? The answer is to conduct extensive research into each candidate.

After performing your due diligence when it comes to research, we are confident that you will want to sit down with the project planning team at D&B Construction to dig deeper into our credentials as commercial general contractors.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation by calling our office at 610-927-6494 or submitting the contact form on our website.

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