Commercial General Contractors in Pottstown, PA

Commercial General Contractors in Pottstown, PA

The road to success for your commercial construction is paved with the professional project management expertise of a licensed and bonded general contractor. If you have decided to collaborate with a team of proven project managers, you have taken the first step on the road to success. The question now is how to find the best commercial general contractors that operate in and near Pottstown, PA.

You want to work with a team of project managers with considerable experience steering commercial construction projects to the finish line on time and under budget. For more than ten years, D&B Construction has worked with clients all over the tri-state area. Our experience allows us to recruit the most talented trade professionals and work closely with reliable suppliers.

We offer a versatile list of construction services, from the design phase to the post-construction phase of your project. Many of our competitors do not provide services before the start and after the end of a commercial construction project.

We are there for you when you need us, including during the planning and closing phases of your commercial construction project.

Helping You with the Pre-Construction Phase of Your Project

Preparation is the key to completing a successful commercial construction project. At D&B Construction, we offer our clients pre-construction services that include collaborating during the planning stage. With our help planning your project, you can benefit from lower expenses for supplies and faster completion of your project.

D&B Construction also offers help with the design of your commercial construction project. Our team of architects, engineers, and interior designers sit down with you for one or more brainstorming sessions to create a design that enhances the curb appeal of your commercial property. One of the most critical pre-construction services involves training everyone to follow the latest workplace safety tips.

Promoting Worker Safety in the Workplace

If we experience any delays with your project, the downtime costs you money. Although we cannot control the weather, we make sure to anticipate it by developing alternative plans that take our work indoors during a stormy day. Another way D&B Construction prevents delays is to emphasize the importance of workplace safety.

In conjunction with the State of Pennsylvania, our Safety Director runs monthly meetings to keep everyone working on your project updated about safety tips. Our Safety Director also visits other worksites to ensure optimal workplace safety. D&B Construction works with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to conduct comprehensive safety training sessions for all employees and independent contractors.

Wrapping Up Your Project

Our work is not done after you celebrate the opening of your commercial property. We provide post-construction services that start with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your property. This is a critical service in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. D&B Construction provides your employees with training on how to operate specialized maintenance equipment. We also provide you with a recommended maintenance schedule. One of the last items on our post-construction to-do list is to ensure you have every permit you need to keep your doors open for business.

Get to Know D&B Construction

You have dozens of commercial general contractors to choose from in Pottstown, PA, and throughout the tri-state area. Vetting possible candidates to manage your project can take a considerable amount of time. Shorten the time it takes you to select a general contractor by meeting with the project managers at D&B Construction. The free consultation can include a brief brainstorming session that showcases the creativity of our architects, engineers, and interior designers.

Schedule a free consultation today by calling 610-927-6494 or by submitting the D&B Construction Contact form.

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