Commercial General Contractors in Pike Creek Valley, DE

Commercial General Contractors in Pike Creek Valley, DE

Everything has fallen neatly into place for your commercial construction project except for one thing. You cannot decide whether to manage the project yourself or hire one of the best commercial contractors in Pike Creek Valley, DE. Assuming management responsibility for your project might make financial sense since you do not have to pay a team of project managers to do it for you. However, it would help if you asked the following questions before deciding to manage your commercial construction project.

  • Do you have the time to be onsite seven days a week?
  • Do you know how to recruit trade professionals?
  • Are you familiar with the workplace safety guidelines issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)?
  • Do you understand the permit application process?
  • Do you have a strong network of suppliers?

Unless you answered yes to all five questions, you are better off working with a team of project managers who have the experience to address every issue involved in the successful completion of a commercial construction project. At D&B Construction, we have more than ten years of experience in the tri-state area, helping clients build a wide variety of properties.

The Importance of Workplace Safety

We prepare for several possible delays by anticipating them before they disrupt the project. Bad weather and supply chain disruptions are two of the most common types of delays. Another type of delay that can set your project back weeks is a workplace accident.

A workplace accident automatically alerts OSHA that the government agency must conduct an investigation. OSHA investigations involve a detailed look into the cause of a workplace accident. The federal government agency collects evidence and interviews witnesses, which is a process that can derail your project for more than a month.

D&B Construction does not wait for an accident to unfold to interact with OSHA. We take a proactive approach by involving OSHA in our monthly safety meetings. Our Safety Director asks a representative from OSHA to deliver information that we convey to our employees and the talented trade professionals that ensure your project runs smoothly.

Recruit Highly-Skilled Trade Professionals

Experience matters when recruiting the best independent contractors in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We refer to our extensive network of trade professionals to find partners who possess the type of professional credentials that match the criteria for your project. For example, we might work with a licensed and insured carpenter for one project and turn to another carpenter to work with us on a different project.

Keep You in the Loop

Delegating the management of your commercial construction project does not mean you stay outside the communication loop. You have complete access to our construction management software system called Procore that provides you with project status updates, as well as the most recent financial reports. When you need answers to questions or want to voice concerns about your project, one of our project managers is there for you to answer questions and address concerns.

Contact D&B Construction

D&B Construction does much more than manage the daily work schedule for your commercial construction project in Pike Creek Valley, DE. Our team of architects, engineers, and interior designers can meet with you to brainstorm design ideas. D&B Construction obtains every permit you need to break ground on your commercial property. You have a project partner from the design phase to the cleanup phase of your commercial construction project.

Schedule a free consultation today with D&B Construction by either submitting the short online form or calling us at 610-927-9464.

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