Commercial General Contractors in Newark, DE

Commercial General Contractors in Newark, DE

The licensed and certified professionals at D&B Construction understand you have many choices when it comes to choosing one of the commercial general contractors that serve Newark, DE. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference when the time comes to hire a general contractor to manage your construction project.

One of the little things that makes a huge difference for our clients is the commitment that D&B Construction makes to every community it serves.

We work with subcontractors that live in and around Newark and provide support for civic groups that need help achieving their philanthropy goals. Community service is one of the many factors that separate D&B Construction from other general contractors serving the same area.

Experienced Team of General Construction Professionals

D&B Construction has earned the trust of our loyal clients by building our business one brick at a time. We have provided general construction services for more than ten years, and our vast experience in handling any type of project is our bread and butter. D&B Construction never outsources jobs during a commercial construction project.

What we do is work with an extensive network of highly-trained subcontractors that specialize in one or more trades. If one of the plumbers in our network of subcontractors has to miss a few days, we get on the phone to contact another one of our preferred subcontractors that installs plumbing systems.

Here are the most requested general construction services we provide:

  • Constructing corporate office buildings
  • Developing multi-family dwellings
  • Building out retail malls
  • Developing industrial parks
  • Constructing hotels and restaurants
  • Renovating historic structures

What Our Construction Management Team Does for Our Clients

The strong relationships we have built with clients stem from providing them with all the information they need during a commercial construction project. We process information into detailed reports that allow our clients to know where we are during every project phase.

We also take charge of every responsibility required to complete a successful commercial construction project.

  • Schedule subcontracting work
  • Place bids on materials
  • Estimate weekly and monthly costs
  • Oversee a quality control program
  • Ensure we follow all health and safety standards

Design-Bid, Design-Build

Our design-bid process helps clients achieve the business goals and design visions for their commercial construction projects. Design-build improves the efficiency of a project by streamlining different processes. Instead of duplicating steps, we eliminate redundancies to save your time and money and reduce the stress resulting from project bottlenecks. We give you the option to be involved in your project both onsite and at our office to foster transparency from open communication.

Promoting Workplace Safety

We cannot emphasize this point enough: A safe workplace is our top priority when working at a construction job site. We put every one of our employees through a comprehensive training program after they are hired. Compared to many of our competitors, the difference in our approach is that we also ensure our team members remain up to date on the latest workplace guidelines by enrolling them in ongoing safety training programs.

Contact D&B Construction

Researching the many commercial general contractors in Newark, DE starts by reading the reviews left by current and former clients. After you check out the reviews of D&B Construction on sites like Google and Facebook, you should be ready to schedule a free consultation. Submit the online form or call our office at 610-927-6494 to learn more about how we can help you complete your project on time and under budget.

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