Commercial General Contractors in Milford, DE

You are checking off project to-do boxes at an incredible rate. The design of your commercial property has come together, and you have attracted interest from several potential tenants. Now comes one of the last boxes to check off before you start building your commercial property. Do you manage the project, or do you hire one of the best general contractors in Milford, DE, to manage it for you?

At first, the decision appears to be a difficult one to make. If you manage the commercial construction project, you will save a considerable amount of money. However, do you have the time to manage the project? Not only do you have to recruit independent contractors, but you also have to oversee their work daily.

The saving money issue is a moot point when hiring D&B Construction to manage your commercial construction project. Although you pay us to keep your project moving along at a  brisk pace, hiring one of the best general contractors in the tri-state region should keep the project under budget. From developing close business relationships with suppliers to maximizing the productivity of our team of trade professionals, D&B Construction saves clients money on commercial construction projects.

We have completed a wide variety of commercial construction projects:

What is the D&B Construction Advantage?

Experience matters in the commercial construction industry, and D&B Construction brings more than ten years of proven success to the tri-state area. One of our advantages is the extensive network of independent contractors we reach out to for commercial construction projects. From plumbers to landscapers, we know which trade professionals are the right fit for each commercial construction project.

Without our highly skilled team of trade professionals, we would not receive the highest reputation rating handed out by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our Number One Priority: Workplace Safety

Workplace accidents cost a considerable amount of money because of project delays and possibly fines levied by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). When representatives from OSHA visit our worksites, they are there not to penalize us but to help us run safety training sessions. D&B Construction has designated a Safety Director to work closely with the State of Pennsylvania to ensure every worker follows the proper safety guidelines. Our commitment to workplace safety is not just for our team members. We also want to keep your employees safe while they work at your construction site.

Post-Construction Services

After a commercial property owner opens the doors for business, most general contractors consider opening day a good day to call an end to a commercial construction project. However, that is not the case with D&B Construction.

We stay after the ribbon-cutting ceremony to provide several post-construction services. D&B Construction completes a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your property to make it safe for both tenants and their customers. We also educate your team of property managers about how and when to perform maintenance on the property’s heavy equipment. Finally, our team of project managers makes sure you have every government-ordered inspection you need to run your commercial property.

Meet with Our Team of Project Managers

When you sit down with our team of project managers during the free consultation, you should notice our responsive communication style right away. When you contact us to ask a question, you will be connected to someone who is actively involved in your project.

Schedule a free consultation with D&B Construction by submitting the Contact form or by calling us at 610-927-6494. We thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and your team.

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