Commercial General Contractors in Lower Merion, PA

You have several commercial general contractors to choose from for your construction project. The question is, how do you find the best one that operates in Lower Merion, PA?

Start by visiting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) web page dedicated to the commercial construction company you are considering. The BBB rates every company that lists with the consumer advocacy organization, and D&B Construction has earned the highest BBB rating of A+.

For more than a decade, D&B Construction has helped clients in the greater Philadelphia area complete high-quality commercial construction projects. That type of experience is essential, especially when we work on a complex project such as expanding an industrial park and renovating a downtown Philly skyscraper.

What is a Commercial General Contractor?

A commercial general contractor is your primary point of contact. Instead of communicating with many subcontractors, you interact with the general contractor to stay updated on the progress of your project. We plan and manage an entire construction project, from the first day of brainstorming design ideas to signing the final building inspection form.

One of our many strengths is that D&B Construction is versatile and works with clients from a wide variety of sectors.

What Does a General Contractor Do?

Managing a team of subcontractors is one of the most important responsibilities of a commercial general contractor. D&B Construction has established a tight network of highly-rated trade specialists to work on any commercial construction project. Recruiting the right trade professionals is just one of our responsibilities. We also are in charge of scheduling the work to be done for an entire construction project.

D&B Construction sends a team of project managers to your worksite each day to ensure you can communicate with us at any time. Our hands-on approach to project management allows us to control expenses and make last-minute changes to the schedule because of unexpected factors like the weather. Without a team of project managers onsite daily, it is difficult to resolve issues that potentially can delay the progress of a commercial construction project.

We take care of scheduling and successfully passing city inspections. Our team of general contractors also follows zoning regulations that the local government has established.

Making Workplace Safety a Priority

Of all possible delays, a workplace accident can be the one that causes the most protracted shutdown of a commercial construction project. It can also be the costliest, especially if multiple accidents happen at the same worksite. D&B Construction is a leader in providing safety training for our team of general contractors and every subcontractor that works on our project. We collaborate with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to educate our team about the latest federal workplace safety guidelines. D&B Construction also coordinates with the State of Pennsylvania to promote workplace safety through monthly safety meetings, employing a Safety Director who actively checks up on all job sites, and more.

Contact D&B Construction

Whether you need a company to help build a structure from the ground up or you plan to refurbish an older building, D&B Construction is ready to work with you from start to finish. We send a team of project managers to meet with you and take a tour of your worksite. After the first meeting, we will submit a thorough and accurate estimate.

Work with one of the best commercial general contractors in Little Merion, PA, by contacting D&B Construction today.

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