Commercial General Contractors in Lewes, DE

Commercial General Contractors in Lewes, DE

Teamwork. That is what you will get from D&B Construction, one of the best commercial general contractors operating in and around Lewes, DE.

Teamwork in the commercial construction business is all about the flawless blending of a design team and a team of professionals that complete successful projects. The design team at D&B Construction works closely with our clients to put a vision into blueprint form. Then, our construction team goes to work to make a design vision turn into reality.

The D&B Construction Difference

D&B Construction handles a wide variety of projects covering sectors such as healthcare, multi-family, hospitality and retail, commercial, institutional, and industrial projects. What makes us a highly-rated commercial construction company are the following features of our company.

  • Accurate and affordable project estimates
  • Finishing projects within budget
  • Project managers that work onsite
  • Acquisition of the best construction materials
  • Adapting to rapidly changing project requirements
  • Eco-friendly design and construction plans

Planning for a Better Future

Regardless of the size and extent of your commercial project, D&B Construction puts it on the path towards success by carefully planning every phase. Without such a commitment, the chances are good that the project will fall off the rails at some point.

Long before we remove the first tractor full of dirt and debris, our preconstruction team meets with you to develop a comprehensive plan that saves you time and money. We take your design vision to a team of architects to fine-tune the logistics that make your project run smoothly. Then, we interact with local government agencies to obtain the permits needed to start your commercial construction project.

D&B Construction uses the following tools during the preconstruction process that set us up for success:

  • Detailed budgeting
  • Cost estimate analysis
  • Review and selection of subcontractors
  • Scheduling subcontractors
  • Feasibility study
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Assigning roles to the members of our team
  • Buying and leasing equipment
  • Site and soil analysis
  • Compliance with all commercial code requirements

Industry-Leading Safety Program

Every commercial construction project that we work on brings us unique safety challenges. This is why we conduct targeted safety training to meet the unique challenges posed by every project. Our ongoing training sessions keep our team of commercial construction professionals up to date on the latest advancements in accident prevention.

The safety training we conduct ahead of a project addresses the potential hazards that are unique to a project. For example, a targeted safety training session before the construction of a chemical storage facility requires a different approach than a targeted session that concerns the renovation of a gutted retail mall.

Schedule a Free Consultation

You have many choices when it comes to selecting one of the best commercial general contractors in Lewes, DE. After conducting proper research, you should find D&B Construction on your shortlist of candidates. Learn more about why we are one of the highest-rated commercial general contractors in the area by scheduling a free consultation. Submit the contact form or call us at 610-927-6494 to get the ball rolling on your commercial construction project.

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