Commercial General Contractors in Lawrence Township, NJ

Commercial General Contractors in Lawrence Township, NJ

They say you should never put the cart in front of a horse. For a construction project, the timeless saying applies to hiring one of the best commercial general contractors serving Lawrence Township, New Jersey. Hiring the general contractor before subcontractors means you have put the horse in front of the cart, where it should be.

Working with a general contractor offers several benefits, the most significant being that you delegate your commercial construction project to a trusted company such as D&B Construction.

After we finalize your construction design plan, the first items on our to-do list involve recruiting the most talented trade professionals in their respective fields. D&B Construction has a long list of highly qualified independent contractors we have worked with during previous commercial construction projects. Not only do we work with the best subcontractors, but our project scheduling software also allows us to coordinate different phases of your project flawlessly.

D&B Construction can help you complete your commercial construction project before the deadline and under your budget.

Why Experience Matters

When the time comes to hire a general contractor to oversee your commercial construction project, you want to work with a company that has completed projects for many years. More than ten years of experience has prepared our project managers to anticipate supply disruptions and make changes to the subcontractor schedule to account for bad weather. Although we expect changes to a project’s schedule, we operate by using a time-tested logistics template that forms the foundation of our construction services.

Experience also matters when we negotiate deals with our suppliers. More than ten years of paying invoices on time and purchasing a considerable amount of product from the same suppliers have allowed us to receive generous discounts on some contracts. We then pass on the cost savings to you.

Check out our commercial construction project portfolio to see why experience matters.

Why It Makes Sense to Hire a General Contractor for Your Project

You might consider overseeing your commercial project, but that means you will have to delegate all of your other responsibilities to one or more of your team members. Overseeing a commercial construction project is a full-time job. After hiring D&B Construction to manage your project, you free up time to focus on running your business.

We take care of everything that is associated with completing a successful commercial construction project.

No Legal Liability

A general contractor addresses every legal issue that arises during a commercial construction project. D&B Construction ensures every legal document is filed with the appropriate government agency before the deadline. We address every workers’ compensation case and handle every issue that comes up during an inspection.

Industry-Leading Safety Program

Workplace accidents can derail a commercial construction project for days, if not weeks. After an onsite accident, state and federal officials can close down a project until the general contractor takes steps to prevent similar types of accidents.

D&B Construction does not wait for an accident to occur before implementing the proper safety measures. We take a proactive approach to promote a safe workplace.

We work closely with the State of Pennsylvania and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to educate our entire team about following proper safety protocols. D&B Construction has designated a Safety Director to organize monthly safety meetings and conduct daily inspections that detect potential workplace safety issues.

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Learn more about why Lawrence Township, NJ commercial property owners turn to the general contractors at D&B Construction to complete their projects. You can contact us by phone at 610-927-6494 or by submitting a short online form.

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