Commercial General Contractors in Haverford, PA

Commercial General Contractors in Haverford, PA

Suppose you plan to complete a commercial construction project in Haverford, PA. You will want to hire a general contractor that manages your project from the design phase until your doors open for business. For more than ten years, D&B Construction has managed many commercial construction projects, from large-scale industrial parks to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

Have you ever watched the head coach of an NFL franchise working the sidelines on a Sunday afternoon? You will notice he wears a headset just like every other coach on the team. The difference with the head coach is that he listens to updates from his assistant coaches and implements the game plan he helped create earlier in the week.

Commercial general contractors operate like NFL head coaches. They are responsible for a large team of specialized contractors that specialize in specific trades. If a trade professional experiences a problem on-site, accountability for handling the situation falls on the shoulders of the general contractor.

For your commercial construction project, you want to work with a general contractor that knows how to delegate responsibilities, as well as take charge when the critical phases of your project pop up on the short-term schedule.

Why Does Hiring a General Contractor Makes Sense?

If you are thinking about managing your commercial construction project yourself, you should think again. You might save money by not hiring a general contractor, but the cost of going it alone can far surpass what you pay the best general contractor to take over your commercial construction project.

At D&B Construction, we have developed strong professional relationships with each one of our suppliers. Not only do we sometimes receive favorable bulk discounts on supplies, but we also continue to get our supplies on time during a period of supply chain uncertainties. Our efficient management of commercial construction projects ensures we finish on time and under budget.

Then, there is the issue of time. Do you have the time to oversee a commercial construction project? You will have to juggle the work of several independent contractors and remain on-site to address unexpected glitches in your plan. Working with D&B Construction allows you to pursue other business interests while getting daily updates concerning the progress of your project.

Creating a Safe Workplace

Perhaps the most important reason to hire a highly-rated general contractor is to establish a safe work environment. Any delay in your project costs you money, especially if a delay involves a safety inspection or investigation conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

D&B Construction has created the position of Safety Director to work closely with OSHA in developing safety training sessions. Our dedication to promoting a safe work environment requires every independent contractor to receive an OSHA safety certification. We also collaborate with the State of Pennsylvania to teach the latest safety tips to everyone working on your job site.

Work with an Experienced Team of Project Managers

More than ten years of experience overseeing the commercial construction process has allowed us to develop a vast network of reliable suppliers and highly skilled trade professionals. When you hire one of the best commercial general contractors in Haverford, PA, you also employ talented independent contractors that complete our team’s lineup. As many of our clients have stated on sites such as Facebook and Google, D&B Construction operates with honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Learn why D&B Construction remains the number one team of project managers in the tri-state region by calling us at 610-927-6494 or submitting the convenient online form. We offer a free consultation to review your vision for a commercial construction project.

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