Commercial General Contractors in Georgetown, DE

For your commercial construction project, you cannot afford to have subcontractors running over each other to reach the finish line. Too many subcontractors calling the shots is a recipe for disaster. As one of the best general contractors in Georgetown, DE, D&B Construction eliminates all the problems associated with a chaotic job site.

With one point of contact, your project goes off without any of the major issues that plague projects that do not have a general contractor in charge. We recruit subcontractors, describe what they need to do in detail, and then hold every subcontractor accountable for completing high-quality work.

With more than a decade of experience in charge of commercial construction projects, D&B Construction sits at the forefront of general contractors that serve your area.

What to Consider When Selecting a Commercial General Contractor

Hiring a commercial general contractor who works with many trade professionals is just the first step in the research process. You should also consider other factors that separate the best from the rest.

Experience in Completing Quality Work

You will hear a lot about the importance of experience when it comes to choosing a commercial general contractor. Yes, experience matters, but not just any kind of experience.

You want to work with a company that has a proven record of completing successful commercial construction projects. D&B Construction has more than a decade of experience completing commercial construction projects, some of which we present on our website. Read our client reviews to get a better idea of our experience and commitment to delivering the highest quality of work.

Necessary Professional Credentials

The company you hire as the general manager of your commercial construction project must have all the licenses required to do business in Delaware. Access the Delaware Division of Revenue site to review the business licensing information that your project needs. Research each contractor on your shortlist before scheduling a free project evaluation that should include submitting an estimate.

Complete Project Phases on Time

An accomplished general contractor breaks down projects into phases. There might be just a few phases to renovate a floor of an office building or more than a dozen phases to complete each step of the construction of a new retail center. Whatever the number of phases in your project, the general contractor you hire must ensure the completion of each phase before the deadline.

One of the biggest reasons for cost overruns during a commercial construction project is not meeting the deadlines established by the general contractor.

Know-How to Negotiate

This factor does not get the attention it deserves, but it should. A general contractor who knows how to negotiate with vendors and suppliers can save you a considerable amount of money. Experience once again comes into play because an experienced general contractor understands how to compromise to save money on supplies and materials. A successful, experienced general contractor has also developed positive relationships with vendors and suppliers, leading to occasional price breaks.

Contact D&B Construction

When you schedule a free consultation with the D&B Construction team of commercial general contractors, you should immediately notice that communication channels are open for you to ask questions and learn more abut our work in Georgetown, DE. Call us at 610-927-6494 or submit a convenient form to schedule a free consultation.

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