Commercial General Contractors in Ewing, NJ

Commercial General Contractors in Ewing, NJ

Should you assume management responsibilities for your commercial construction project or outsource project management duties to one of the best commercial general contractors operating in Ewing, NJ, and the tri-state area. The decision you make will define the success of your lifelong dream.

Saving money on a commercial construction project seems appealing, especially when you review the numbers that make up the project budget. However, you have to ask yourself one crucial question.

Do you have the time to devote to running a complex commercial construction project? An even better question is can you absorb the potential financial hits that come with overseeing a work schedule that involves dozens of independent contractors?

An experienced general contractor in Ewing, NJ, can help you achieve your dream while ensuring the project finishes on time and under budget. For more than a decade, the successful project managers at D&B Construction have helped a wide variety of clients achieve their vision for completing a commercial construction project.

Our project managers have won several awards for their commercial construction expertise and developed a growing list of loyal clients that come back to us for additional commercial construction work.

Let’s see what separates D&B Construction from the dozens of general contractors that manage commercial construction projects in the tri-state region.

Pre-Construction Services

When you think of managing a commercial construction project, you probably think about a team of project managers onsite pouring over a stack of blueprints. Although providing onsite management services for your commercial project is crucial in determining the success of your dream, you also have to complete the planning phase of your project.

We can help you do that.

D&B Construction is one of the handfuls of companies in the tri-state area that provides pre-construction services for our clients. Instead of getting stuck during the design phase of your commercial construction project, you can break through the construction version of writer’s block by hiring us to brainstorm design ideas long before you break ground. D&B Construction offers a team of architects, engineers, and interior designers to brainstorm design ideas with you.

Post-Construction Services

Our work is not done after you open the doors to your brand new commercial property. D&B Construction stays long after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. We offer post-construction services, such as completing a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your property. During a pandemic and even when things get back to normal, you want to work with a general contractor that ensures everyone that accesses your new facility is safe from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our post-construction services include providing training to your team for handling the equipment they use to perform maintenance tasks. You will receive a detailed maintenance schedule that helps you keep your commercial property operational for decades to come. Before we leave your commercial facility, our team of project managers makes sure you have passed every inspection and hold every license required by local, state, and federal laws.

Creating a Safe Workplace

Much can go wrong during a commercial construction project. Mother Nature can cause significant delays and supply disruptions that shut down an entire project. We anticipate potential delays by implementing backup plans that keep your project running smoothly.

Another potential delay involves an accident in the workplace that hurts one or more workers. When a business experiences a workplace accident that causes injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) visits the worksite to ensure compliance with safety protocols. D&B Construction has established a strong working relationship with OSHA to provide training that prevents workplace accidents. Our Safety Director coordinates with the federal government agency to hold monthly safety meetings that educate our workers about the latest tips for keeping everyone safe at your commercial construction site.

Find out why our clients have turned to one of the best commercial general contractors in Ewing, NJ. Submit the short online form or call us at 610-927-6494 to schedule a free consultation.

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