Commercial General Contractors in Edgemoor, DE

Commercial General Contractors in Edgemoor, DE

If your commercial project stalled or did not get off the ground in 2020 because of COVID-19, the good news is that commercial general contractors such as D&B Construction are back up to full speed. The question for you should not be whether you should hire a commercial construction company to manage your project. Hiring an experienced team of project managers like D&B Construction delivers several benefits.

First, hiring our team of project managers allows you to focus on other elements of your business. From recruiting trade professionals to creating a detailed work schedule for every general and independent contractor working on your Edgemoor, DE commercial construction project, we take care of everything. We offer many highly-rated services, some of which are not provided by other companies. D&B Construction obtains every permit required to break ground on your project and open your facility’s doors after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

D&B Construction offers pre-construction consulting services. After you sit down to discuss your project with our managers, you have the option to work with our team of architects, engineers, and designers to come up with the most functional and visually appealing design for your commercial construction project. Brainstorming ideas can generate a different vision than the one you currently have. It also prevents your project from getting bogged down before the first shovel hits the ground.

How Do You Hire the Best Commercial Construction Company?

You want to work with a team of project managers that have compiled an impressive record of completing commercial construction projects. After reading the online reviews left by our clients, you should see that D&B construction leads the way in providing superior commercial construction services that lean heavily on our more than ten years of experience.

What else separates D&B Construction from the competition?

Partner with the Most Talented Trade Professionals

Experience matters for several reasons; more than a decade of experience allows us to tap into the most talented pool of trade professionals operating in the tri-state area. We recruit licensed and insured independent contractors who follow our guiding principles of integrity, transparency, and a commitment to quality. Our project managers know which independent contractors are the best fit for the right commercial construction projects.

Anticipate Delays

One thing the pandemic reinforced in the commercial construction specialists at D&B Construction is the importance of anticipating delays to keep a project running on time and under budget. In 2021, D&B Construction addressed the supply chain disruptions head-on by being proactive with our suppliers. Because of our long-term relationships with suppliers, D&B Construction gets ahead of supply chain disruptions by ordering supplies and materials long before disruptions appear.

Responsive Communication

Just because you delegate your project management to D&B Construction does not mean you are out of the communication loop. Someone working on your project from D&B Construction will respond promptly to any questions or concerns you have about your commercial construction project. When it comes to transparency, D&B Construction gives you full access to our construction management software system called Procore. You have real-time access to financial statements, as well as the latest status reports released by our team of project managers.

Meet with Our Project Managers

To build the level of trust required to forge a successful business relationship, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with D&B Construction to discuss your vision for your Edgemoor, DE project. You will have the opportunity to meet with our team of commercial general contractors and get answers to your questions. You can schedule a free consultation by submitting the convenient online form or calling our office at 610-927-6494.

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