Commercial General Contractors in Chester, PA

Commercial General Contractors in Chester, PA

Have you reached a bottleneck in the planning process for your commercial construction project? Reach out to a team of commercial general contractors in Chester, PA, that helps clients design a commercial construction project and develop a detailed plan to get the job done on time and under budget.

D&B Construction offers award-winning commercial construction services that include helping clients complete the pre-construction process. Our team of architects, engineers, and interior designers collaborate with your team to develop design ideas. Instead of your project coming to a halt because of a lack of design ideas, the pre-constructions services offered by D&B Construction keep your project moving along at an acceptable pace.

D&B Construction works with the most accomplished independent contractors to help us finish high-quality commercial construction projects. Our project managers do all the heavy lifting of obtaining the proper permits and recruiting the most talented trade professionals operating in the tri-state area. We work closely with city and state government agencies to ensure you acquire every permit you need before starting on the construction phase of your project.

Hire an Experienced Team of Project Managers

Saving money by going with an inexperienced team of general contractors can hurt the quality of your commercial project. With more than a decade of experience providing commercial construction services, D&B Construction understands how to navigate through difficult stretches of a project. For example, experience has helped our project managers adapt to the rapidly changing work conditions established after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our worksites exceed the health standards recommended by organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Experience has played a significant role in allowing our team to navigate the frequent disruptions in the supply chain. By establishing solid relationships with our suppliers, D&B Construction can purchase the supplies and materials we need before another disruption emerges. Our project managers develop project work schedules that include buying supplies and materials months before we need the supplies and materials.

Safety First

A project delay caused by a workplace accident increases the time required to finish a             commercial construction project. More time equals more money, which can be costly the longer the delay. Our record for completing construction projects without an accident makes D&B Construction a popular choice as a general contractor.

We work closely with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to create an industry-recognized workplace safety training program for every one of our employees, as well as every trade professional that works on your commercial construction project. D&B Construction demonstrates its dedication to a safe work environment by naming a Safety Director to visit job sites and run monthly safety meetings.

Contact D&B Construction Today

When you hire D&B Construction as your commercial general contractors in Chester, PA, you hire a company that has a stake in the progress of the communities they serve. Discover why the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded us its highest reputation rating of A+ by scheduling a free consultation. You can reach us online by submitting the short Contact Form or calling our office at 610-927-6494.

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