Commercial General Contractors in Cheltenham Township, PA

Commercial General Contractors in Cheltenham Township, PA

You have worked for years refining your vision for a commercial property. After developing the blueprint and finding the land to build on, the time has come to select one of the commercial general contractors that serve Cheltenham Township, PA.

Choosing can be challenging given the large number of companies operating in the tri-state area. You should want a team of project managers who have years of experience completing commercial construction projects. D&B Construction checks that box off for you with our more than ten years of providing highly-rated and award-winning commercial construction services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

One of the advantages of working with D&B Construction is that you free up more of your time to manage other aspects of your business. Managing a commercial construction project is a full-time job because of the time commitment you must make to organize daily work schedules while at the same time ensuring you comply with state and federal workplace safety regulations.

Another benefit of hiring D&B Construction is that we partner with you before breaking ground on a project and after the ribbon-cutting ceremony that officially opens your property for business. Our pre-construction consulting services help our clients develop design ideas for their commercial properties. D&B Construction offers the professional expertise of a team of architects, engineers, and interior decorators to help you brainstorm design ideas. Our team of project managers acquires every permit required to start the construction process.

What Defines the Best Project Managers?

One of the essential roles of a general contractor is to recruit the most skilled trade professionals that have licenses to work in the tri-state region. More than a decade in business has helped D&B Construction develop a vast network of highly-skilled independent contractors. The key to completing a commercial construction project on time and under budget is to partner with the most accomplished trade professionals.

Creating a Safe Workplace

A lot can go wrong during a commercial construction project, especially in 2021, when supply chain disruptions can delay a project for a considerable period. One of the most preventable project delays involves workplace safety. An accident that occurs on-site can stop all work on a project for weeks, if not months, until the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducts a thorough investigation.

The team at D&B Construction works closely with OSHA to run safety meetings that teach the latest strategies for preventing workplace accidents. Our commitment to workplace safety includes creating the position of Safety Director to ensure every one of our worksites exceeds the compliance standards required for workplace safety at the state and federal levels.

Anticipate and Prevent Delays

The supply chain issue can cause costly delays for commercial construction projects all over the tri-state area. Because D&B Construction has forged partnerships with suppliers for more than ten years, we receive information about possible disruptions long before they happen. This allows us to make contingency plans to purchase supplies and materials. D&B Construction also anticipates potential weather delays by devising alternative work schedules.

Learn More About D&B Construction

D&B Construction receives five-star positive reviews from our clients. All you have to do is visit our Yelp and Google review pages to discover why we are one of the best commercial general contractors in Cheltenham Township, PA. You should also know the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has awarded us the consumer advocacy organization’s highest reputation rating.

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