Commercial General Contractors in Bensalem, PA

What is the difference between subcontractors and commercial general contractors? It doesn’t matter if your project is across the state in Pittsburgh or right here in Bensalem, PA; a subcontractor is responsible for providing specific services, such as plumbing, wiring, and carpentry. On the other hand, general contractors are the glue that holds the subcontractors together by overseeing an entire commercial construction project.

The best general contractors are responsible for scheduling each stage of an active construction project. From the pre-construction stage to the final inspection, general contractors act as the lead manager of a commercial construction project. Therefore, one of the most important responsibilities of a company in charge of a commercial construction project is to recruit the right subcontractors to apply their specialized trade skills.

How to Find the Best Company for Your Project

A general contractor with a vast network of highly skilled trade professionals is just one factor to consider when deciding which company to hire for your project. Let’s look at the other essential factors that should help you make the right decision.

Prompt Communication

One of the most important reasons you should hire a general contractor is to remove the burden of having to communicate with several different subcontractors. A general contractor is the communication center for your entire project. This means the contractor you decide to hire must promptly return your emails, phone calls, and text messages. You should also receive a status report at least one time per week.

Meticulous Planning

Managing a commercial construction project requires attention to detail. You want to work with a company that plans a project by the day, week, month, and year, if the project is expected to take that long. One of the most important things a general contractor has to plan for is the delivery of materials. Just a one-day delay can send project costs soaring because every subcontractor must get paid. An experienced company anticipates potential problems and then makes adjustments with the game plan to keep the project running smoothly

Adapts to Sudden Changes

Commercial construction projects often run into logistical issues, from consecutive days of rain to a delay in material delivery. How a general contractor reacts to sudden project changes is essential for you to consider before hiring a company for your commercial project. Before you sign a contract, review the feedback every company on your shortlist has received from clients. You want to determine how the company under consideration handles Murphy’s Law. (“What can go wrong will go wrong.”)

Saves You Money

An experienced general contractor has established long relationships with suppliers. Because the general contractor takes care of financial obligations on time, the long-lasting relationships built with suppliers might lead to savings on materials. Another way an accomplished general contractor can save you money is by completing phases of your project before the deadlines. As they say in the commercial construction industry, “Time is money.”

Presents an Easy to Understand Bid

You should not receive a bid that requires a degree to understand. The contract proposed by a general contractor should include concise language with an emphasis on breaking down the cost of your project. Reputable general contractors present an itemized list of expenses and a timeline for completing each step of the construction process. Ensure there is nothing tucked into the fine print that may cost you more money than you have established for the project budget.

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