Commercial General Contractors in Bear, DE

Commercial General Contractors in Bear, DE

Teamwork. You hear a lot about it by watching the evening news and most sporting events. It is a concept that is elusive for many businesses, but in the commercial construction industry, one company makes it happen daily. As one of the best commercial general contractors serving Bear, DE, D&B Construction is focused on developing the teamwork required to complete successful construction projects for commercial property owners.

Building and maintaining a team-first work environment starts by recruiting and then coordinating the efforts of several independent contractors. From a team of electricians to a group of Internet service technicians, D&B Construction knows how to blend various trade professionals to make your commercial property development dream come true.

Teamwork is at the heart of our business model from the day the first shovel digs into the ground until the day when the mayor of your community cuts the ribbon to open business for your commercial property.

How D&B Construction Makes a Difference

Developing strong teamwork allows us to work on a wide variety of commercial construction projects. If you are an entrepreneur with more than one property, D&B Construction is the company to turn to for your next project. We have completed design and development work on properties in the retail, healthcare, and hospitality industries.

Our teamwork produces the following benefits for your commercial construction project:

  • A tight network of reliable suppliers that save you money
  • Ability to change direction without delaying phases of a project
  • Onsite project managers for immediate contact
  • Completion of projects on time and under budget

Planning Your Project

As a successful commercial property owner, you understand that the positive results of your efforts require meticulous planning. D&B Construction takes the same approach to every commercial construction project. We will work closely with you to plan every project phase to ensure it stays on track to finish before the deadline.

Here is what you can expect from the D&B Construction planning process:

  • Realistic feasibility research
  • Accurate budgeting
  • Detailed cost estimate analysis
  • Negotiate with suppliers to obtain the lowest prices
  • Recruitment of the most talented trade professionals
  • Project scheduling for every phase of your project
  • Putting our team members in positions that maximize their skillsets
  • Compliance with all commercial construction regulations

Dedication to Creating a Safe Workplace

Teamwork is essential for creating a safe work environment. Just one workplace accident can put your commercial construction project behind for several days. Working as a well-oiled machine helps us avoid workplace accidents that diminish the results of other companies that work on commercial construction projects.

We work closely with the State of Delaware to provide our team with the most recent advancements in workplace safety procedures. D&B Construction has established the position of Safety Director to coordinate the safety awareness campaign that we run for both our employees and the subcontractors that work with us on a project-by-project basis.

D&B Construction has also made the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) a partner in implementing our workplace safety program. We organize and oversee monthly safety training classes that keep our team and your employees working at one of our construction sites safe on the job.

Hire D&B Construction for Your Commercial Construction Project

For more than ten years, D&B Construction has earned a reputation for completing commercial construction projects on time and under budget in Bear and throughout the great state of Delaware.

We know you have many choices when it comes to choosing a commercial general contractor. Discover how teamwork helps us realize your commercial property vision in Bear, DE. Schedule a free consultation today by calling us at 610-927-6494 or by submitting the convenient contact form located on our website.

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