Commercial General Contractors in Abington, PA

Commercial General Contractors in Abington, PA

Researching commercial general contractors for a project in Abington, PA can be overwhelming. You have to consider all the businesses in the greater Philadelphia area that provide commercial construction services. Consider what D&B Construction brings to the table.

We have developed a growing loyal customer base over more than ten years. One of our most impressive accomplishments is our extensive network of subcontractors that specialize in every job required to complete a successful commercial construction project. From roofers to HVAC specialists, our network of subcontractors helps us complete high-quality projects on time.

D&B Construction offers the following services:

  • Design and build new structures
  • Refurbish current buildings
  • Renovate structures to accommodate design and technology trends
  • Expand retail centers
  • Add space to existing businesses
  • Ensure the completion of all inspections

We assume full responsibility for your commercial construction project, from the blueprint stage to the day you hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Why You Should Hire a General Contractor for Your Commercial Construction Project

A general contractor is your contact for every step of the construction project. Instead of dealing with several subcontractors, you receive updated information about the status of your project from one source. This means you get accurate information that remains consistent throughout your project.

Let’s look at some more reasons why you should hire a general contractor.

Stay Within the Project Budget

A general contractor is responsible for creating the budget for your project and ensuring the project remains within that budget. Working with numerous subcontractors can produce cost overruns that send your budget thousands of dollars out of whack. The contractor you select for your commercial construction project should have the ability to pivot on a dime to change suppliers when it is cost-effective to do so. An increase in the cost of materials can also send your project over budget.

Highly-Skilled Manager

When you work with a company like D&B Construction, you work with much more than a point of contact. You also work with a company that develops a customized plan to meet your construction needs. A company can employ all the skilled professionals in the world, but that means nothing if the company is unable to plan each step of a commercial construction project carefully.

A reputable general contractor should be an expert at planning commercial construction projects.

Savvy Problem Solver

Commercial construction projects can last for months, if not a couple of years. Most projects include solving at least one serious problem that unexpectedly pops up at the least convenient time. Working with an experienced general contractor should give you peace of mind knowing that if any significant issues arise, the company will take care of them quickly to avoid any delays in your project.

Handles All the Paperwork

The last thing you want to do is wring your hands over a fast-approaching inspection deadline. A company that takes care of all general contractor responsibilities also takes care of acquiring licenses and insurance. D&B Construction works closely with every inspector to ensure your project completes on time and under budget.

Contact D&B Construction

When we sit down with potential clients, we emphasize our commitment to establishing a safe work environment. We do much more than hanging signs to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to workplace safety. Every one of our employees and subcontractors undergoes extensive safety training to prevent accidents.

If you need a commercial general contractor for a project in Abington, PA, consider D&B Construction. To review our impressive portfolio of completed projects, submit the short online form or call our office at 610.927.6494.

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