Commercial Construction Companies in Camden, NJ

Like most industries, the commercial construction industry faced one of the most significant challenges of all time in 2020: A once in a century world health crisis. With most businesses shuttering because of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for new facilities, as well as renovated buildings, fell dramatically.

D&B Construction weathered the pandemic because of our favorable reputation among commercial construction companies near Camden, NJ. With 2021 heading into the backstretch, we are poised to post one of our best years during our more than ten years of working in the commercial construction industry.

In addition to addressing COVID concerns and rapidly adapting to the new normal, D&B Construction offers one of the most diverse portfolios of any other company that operates in the tri-state area.

  • Industrial parks
  • Office buildings
  • Mixed-use facilities
  • Boutique hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Big box retailers

Working on the construction of industrial parks represents our most challenging types of commercial construction projects. We make the process easier by getting involved with our partners in the design phase of each project.

Pre-Construction Services

D&B Construction works with clients from the beginning of a project until long after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. We are more than a team of project managers who review blueprints and manage independent contractors. We are also available to help you get ready for your commercial construction project.

The first step to getting ready involves brainstorming design ideas. D&B Construction has architects, engineers, and interior designers on our team to help clients come up with ideas that have staying power. The last thing that you want is to build a new structure and have it look outdated in just a few years.

Pre-construction services also involve recruiting our talented team of trade professionals and ensuring that we obtain every permit required to kick off your commercial construction project.

Post-Construction Services

We do not pack up our gear and high-tail it away from your new commercial structure. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, we complete several post-construction projects that set you up for success.

Here is what we offer our clients long after the dust settles on their projects:

  • Thorough cleanup
  • Provide maintenance equipment training
  • Give you reconciliation reports
  • Complete final inspections
  • Submit directions on how to operate equipment
  • Conduct a comprehensive workplace safety tour

Dedicated to Establishing a Safe Workplace

Accidents can happen, and workplace accidents can differ between pulling off a successful commercial construction project or failing to get the job done right. Preventing workplace accidents is our mission when working with clients.

Our project managers and the team of independent contractors working on your project go through a detailed safety training program that we develop with the help of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We teach the most advanced accident prevention tips and conduct daily tours of a construction site to ensure we follow OSHA guidelines.

A workplace accident can set your project back days and cost you money that puts the project over budget. You want to work with a general contractor who puts workplace safety first, which D&B Construction does.

Schedule a Free Consultation

With dozens of general contractors operating in the tri-state region, we understand you have plenty of choices when it comes to hiring commercial construction companies in the Camden, NJ area. D&B Construction makes the decision easier once you review our more than ten years of completing successful commercial projects. The first and most important decision you will make for your project concerns the company you hire to be the general contractor.

Schedule a free consultation today with D&B Construction by calling 610-927-6494 or submitting the short online form.

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