Commercial Construction Companies Philadelphia

Commercial Construction Companies Philadelphia

Deciding whether to renovate a commercial structure in Philadelphia or build one from scratch is an easier decision than choosing one of the best commercial construction companies. Not all commercial contractors operating in the City of Brotherly Love bring the same level of expertise and customer service to the table.

When the time comes to select a commercial construction company, you want to choose one that has established a record of excellence in completing projects that are similar to the one you are about to start. Referring to online reviews and checking the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website represent great places to start for researching a commercial construction company.

What Does a Commercial Construction Company Do?

You have to understand what a commercial construction company does before you can hire the right one for your project.

Commercial construction contractors build a wide variety of structures that include schools, retail malls, hospitals, and corporate offices. Depending on the requirements of a specific project, a general contractor can be responsible for several things.

  • Creating design plan
  • Acquiring permits
  • Meeting with the zoning commission
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Managing subcontractors

Do You Need to Hire a Commercial Construction Company?

Some residential construction projects do not require the professional expertise of a general contractor. For example, a homeowner might possess the trade skills required to complete a successful door and window replacement project. However, commercial construction projects typically require the professional skills of a bonded and licensed general contractor.

Not only does a commercial construction company need to recruit and manage a diverse set of subcontractors, but the company is also responsible for obtaining every permit that allows your project to move forward. Meeting with the municipal agency in charge of issuing zoning requirements is another responsibility assumed by most commercial construction companies.

If you decide to run your own commercial construction project, you can expect it to be your new full-time job.

Questions to Ask a Potential Commercial Construction Company

The vetting process to select the right commercial construction company for your project should be thorough. This includes asking the following five questions.

  • Are you bonded and licensed?
  • Do you have experience completing similar projects?
  • Can you give me professional references?
  • Have you created a detailed plan for my project?
  • Will your company have at least one employee on-site each day supervising my project?

The last question is an especially important one to ask. A commercial construction company needs to be present on-site daily to ensure the smooth completion of every phase of your project. You also want a presence on-site to represent your best interests in case an issue arises. A supervisor for the commercial construction company can reach you with news of the status of your project much faster if the supervisor is on-site to monitor the progress of it.

Schedule a Free Estimate with D&B Construction

From developing industry-leading safety initiatives to interacting with the local zoning commission in Philadelphia, D&B Construction is among the top one-size-fits-all commercial construction companies. Our team of experts stays on top of every development to keep you informed about the progress of your project. Schedule a free estimate today by contacting D&B Construction . You can call our office at 610-609-8663 or submit our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.

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