Commercial Construction Companies in Smyrna, DE

Commercial Construction Companies in Smyrna, DE

The most significant decision for your commercial construction project awaits an answer. Do you manage the project or hire an experienced team of project managers to manage it for you? After you review the pros and cons, the answer is to delegate your project management to one of the best commercial contractors in Smyrna, DE: D&B Construction.

When you hire us to oversee your commercial property development, you free up a considerable amount of time to focus on other business matters. We handle the recruitment and assignment of independent contractors and address every issue that arises during each phase of the project.

D&B Construction takes care of all the paperwork required to pass inspections. We crunch the numbers and send you regularly scheduled financial reports to keep you on top of your investment. When you search for the glue to hold your project together, look no further than the experienced project managers at D&B Construction.

Whether you want to refurbish an old building or build a new one from the ground up, we work on a wide variety of structures that have helped us develop an extensive list of repeat clients.

Here are some of the structures that we build and refurbish:

Workplace Safety is Our Business

A workplace accident can set your project back days, if not weeks. We do everything we can to prevent a costly and time-consuming accident from taking place at your job site.

D&B Construction has established the position of Safety Director to coordinate training sessions with the State of Pennsylvania. Our Safety Director also visits every one of our construction sites to comply with state and federal safety regulations. We have developed a partnership with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to stay ahead of the curve to prevent workplace accidents. OSHA has been beneficial by working with us to create COVID-19 workplace safety protocols.

Work with the Best Trade Professionals

More than a decade of experience completing high-quality commercial construction projects for our clients has helped us recruit the best independent contractors in the tri-state area. We understand that most trade professionals specialize in working on specific projects. For example, we might recruit an insured and licensed mason to work on one project and then recruit a different mason to work on another project.

The result is that you hire a general contractor with the connections to put together a highly skilled team of independent contractors that is the perfect fit for your type of project.

Responsive Communication

Just because you delegate the management of your commercial construction project to D&B Construction does not mean you should disappear from the project. We want you involved, and to make that happen, we respond quickly to concerns and questions. You can reach one of our project managers and communicate with them or anyone else at our office anytime. We will send you regularly scheduled financial reports and keep you updated daily concerning the progress of your commercial construction project.

Schedule a Free Consultation

When you select D&B Construction, one of the best commercial construction companies, to manage your project in Smyrna, DE, you get more than a team of general contractors who bark out orders during the construction phase. We provide pre-construction and post-construction services for our clients. This means we will partner with you from the project’s design phase to when the last inspector leaves the property after giving you the green light to open your doors.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation by calling 610-927-9464 or by submitting the convenient online form.

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