Commercial Construction Companies in Pennsylvania

Commercial Construction Companies in Pennsylvania

Versatility is what separates D&B Construction from other commercial construction companies in Pennsylvania.

We help design and build a wide variety of commercial projects, from a single office building spiraling several stories in Reading, PA to renovating a restaurant in the City of Brotherly Love. Experienced designers with a licensed and bonded commercial construction team deliver superior results. D&B Construction can handle projects of all sizes and requirements.

Several factors make us a highly-rated commercial construction company in Pennsylvania:

  • Accurate budget assessments
  • On-site project managers
  • Purchasing the finest building materials
  • Fiscally prudent project experience
  • Ability to adapt to rapid changes
  • Dedicated safety program
  • Green commercial design and construction
  • Long-lasting relationships with suppliers

Preconstruction Services

Regardless of size and scope, every commercial construction project starts with the planning phase. Without careful planning, you cannot expect your commercial construction project to succeed.

Before we break ground with the first shovel full of dirt and before we order any building materials, we sit down with clients to draw up a realistic game plan in terms of both time and budget. We work closely with architects to produce renderings of the proposed commercial structure.

Preconstruction services are not just helpful for large-scale projects. Clients that have smaller projects in mind also should consider using our preconstruction services. The same dedication to minimizing expenses and ensuring a project finishes on time applies to projects of any size and scope.

Here are some of the tools that we use during the preconstruction phase of a commercial construction project:

  • Project feasibility study
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Advanced budgeting
  • Cost estimate reports
  • Schedule optimization
  • Subcontractor review and selection
  • Analysis of building materials
  • Selection of equipment

We also conduct a site, soil, and roof analysis, along with a review of all HVAC components. D&B Construction is committed during the preconstruction phase of your commercial project to comply with all ADA code requirements.

Featured Project: The Metropolitan

D&B Construction has collaborated on many projects that involved adapting a commercial structure to new building code requirements. The Metropolitan, which sits within a short walk from West Reading’s Penn Avenue, features luxurious studio apartments built out to 550 square feet and three-bedroom apartments that span more than 1,300 square feet. Our team of commercial construction experts modernized the property by adding a rooftop pool and an on-site fitness center.

With many neighborhoods in Eastern Pennsylvania benefiting from the gentrification movement, there is a strong demand for an accomplished company such as D&B Construction to adapt commercial structures to new design visions.

Contact D&B Construction

You can tell the integrity of a commercial construction company by its dedication to safe work environments. D&B Construction emphasizes the importance of on-site safety by having our team of client-first professionals undergo training to stay on top of the latest workplace safety protocols in the commercial construction industry.

The principle of safety-first is one of our strongest selling points. We ensure optimal workplace safety, while not compromising on what defines our highly-rated services: High-quality work that remains under budget.

You want to hire one of the commercial construction companies in Pennsylvania that has acquired the proper licenses, as well as put its team of construction experts through certification courses. D&B Construction encourages our team members to earn certifications to learn about the latest commercial design and construction technologies.

Call us today at (610) 609-8663 or submit the short online form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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