Commercial Construction Companies in Newark, DE

Commercial Construction Companies in Newark, DE

It has taken you years to get to the most significant step of your commercial construction project: Choosing one of the best commercial construction companies in Newark, DE. Whether you need help with design ideas or you want to build an industrial park that spans several city blocks, the general contractors at D&B Construction are ready to partner with you for the entire project.

With the commercial construction industry coming off a relatively slow year in 2020, many businesses across the state have moved forward with new projects. This means the demand for general contractors has soared to pre-2020 levels. How do you make the right choice for a general contractor?

The answer is to contact D&B Construction for a free consultation.

We sit down with each prospective client to determine the type of services needed for each unique commercial construction project. One of our competitive edges is offering pre-construction consulting services to help our clients develop the blueprints for their commercial construction projects. This means that after we move past the pre-construction stage of your project, you can delegate the completion of the remaining phases to the bonded and licensed team of general contractors at D&B Construction.

What Defines the Best Commercial Construction Companies?

As one of the best general contractors operating in the tri-state area, D&B Construction offers several competitive advantages over other general contractors.

Responsive Communication Skills

A commercial construction project requires flawless communication between the property owner and the general contractor managing all the moving parts. From bad weather to supply disruptions, you need to know where we stand after the end of each day. This is why we send every client a daily email status report that keeps them updated concerning the progress of their project.

Responsive communication also means answering emails and phone calls in real-time. We have a team of service representatives that interact with clients. You never have to wait on hold, leave a message, or wonder when you will get a response to an email.

Proven Record of Success

We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary of operating as a general contractor in Newark, Delaware. Ten years of experience goes a long way towards defining one of the best general contractors. However, experience matters only if it is full of successfully completed projects. Visit our website to review the gallery of photographs that present many of our successfully completed commercial construction projects.

Adapting to Rapid Changes

We already mentioned bad weather and supply disruptions as possible factors that can place your commercial construction project temporarily on hold. Murphy’s Law, which is “what can go wrong, will go wrong,” is part of a general contractor’s life. The key is how do we respond to sudden changes. At D&B Construction, we anticipate bad weather and supply disruptions to devise alternative strategies. For bad weather, we reschedule our team of independent contractors to work indoors for a day or two. Anticipating supply disruptions allows us to contact an alternative source to ensure your project continues to progress without a glitch.

Speaking of Independent Contractors

More than a decade of experience has helped D&B Construction develop an extensive network of the best independent contractors working along the mid-Atlantic seaboard. We work closely with trade professionals such as masons, painters, carpenters, and electricians to complete each phase of your commercial construction project before the deadline. Every one of the independent contractors that we recruit possesses the professional credentials required for their respective trades. This includes passing the safety training classes that we need for certification.

Work with a Partner You Can Trust

Trust. It is the most crucial element in developing a business relationship. Learn why our clients trust us with their commercial construction projects by scheduling a free initial consultation. You can reach us by calling 610-927-6494 or by submitting the online form located on our website.

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