Commercial Construction Companies in Lower Merion, PA

Commercial Construction Companies in Lower Merion, PA

You had the vision for a long time. Now, you have acted on it by taking the first step towards completing your commercial construction project. We are talking about choosing one of the best commercial construction companies near Lower Merion, PA

Whether you want to expand a current property or build a new structure, you need to find a partner that handles all the logistics. Business has picked up dramatically after a relatively slow year in 2020, which means the best general contractors are back at work.

You need an experienced company that provides a comprehensive list of services. For more than ten years, D&B Construction has worked with clients on a wide variety of commercial construction projects. One service that we offer involves collaborating with clients during the pre-construction phase of a project. We have architects, engineers, and interior designers on our staff to help you finalize the design of your commercial construction project.

Whether we brainstorm with you or submit ideas, you get the help you need to kick off the journey to achieve your dream.

Why Does D&B Construction Stand Out Among the Competition?

With dozens of general contractors operating in and near Little Merion, PA, it can be challenging to stand out among the competition. However, D&B Construction stands out for many reasons.

Safety First

Ensuring a safe workplace is the cornerstone of our operating philosophy. Just one workplace accident can delay a commercial construction project for days, if not weeks on end. D&B Construction has developed a partnership with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to provide extensive training to our employees and independent contractors.

Creating a safe workplace is much more than protecting our team. Some of our projects entail renovating parts of a structure, which means some employees remain onsite. We also want to make sure your onsite employees work in a safe environment.

Adapt to Rapid Change

By creating a safe work environment, we take a little steam out of Murphy’s Law. What can go wrong will go wrong is an appropriate saying for commercial construction projects. However, if you hire a general contractor who anticipates potential issues with your project, you can expect to save both time and money.

We are exceptionally adaptable to changing weather conditions. The project managers at your construction site constantly access online weather forecasting sites to receive the latest updates. If bad weather appears imminent, we launch plan B for the day to keep your project on schedule. We also anticipate supply chain disruptions by ordering what we need from backup vendors.

Positive Online Reviews

D&B Construction has received dozens of positive online reviews from our clients. Many of the clients who leave positive reviews end up becoming repeat clients. We also have earned the highest rating of A+ that is awarded by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Current and former clients praise our team of project managers for transparency and responsive communication.

The Best Independent Contractors

They say to be the best; you have to beat the best. To be the best in the commercial construction industry, we have to hire the best independent contractors. Our team of independent contractors has worked with us since we started our business more than ten years ago. We work closely with skilled trade professionals such as painters, plumbers, and roofers to complete our projects. All of our independent contractors are fully insured, licensed, and certified in the latest techniques for each specialized trade.

Learn more about D&B Construction, one of the leading commercial construction companies in the Lower Merion, PA area, by scheduling a free consultation. You can reach us by submitting the convenient online form or by calling 610-927-6494.

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