Commercial Construction Companies in Lawrence Township, NJ

Commercial Construction Companies in Lawrence Township, NJ

The blueprint for your commercial construction project sits on a desk right in front of you. Everything up to now has come relatively easy. The design of your new commercial structure appears to be set in stone. City inspectors from Lawrence Township, NJ, have given you the approval to proceed with your project. Now, the time has come to recruit a team of trade specialists to work on every component to complete your project successfully.

The time has arrived for you to take a deep breath and step away from the desk holding the project blueprint. The time has come to hire one of the best commercial construction companies near Lawrence Township, New Jersey.

D&B Construction has developed a network of highly skilled trade professionals in the decade we have completed commercial construction projects in the tri-state area. The collaboration we have established with our trade specialists has earned us numerous awards for our expertise.

Hiring a general contractor who works with the best trade professionals is just one of the criteria you should have when searching for the right company to manage your commercial construction project.

Anticipating Project Delays

Every day your project stalls is a day that you lose money and find your project falling behind schedule. From bad weather to supply chain disruptions, you want a general contractor who anticipates possible delays. Our team of experienced project managers always has a contingency plan to prevent your commercial construction project from going off the rails.

Before bad weather is set to strike, we turn to plan B to keep your project on schedule. If a snowstorm is predicted to hit the tri-state area, we turn our attention from outdoor work to indoors. Instead of running underground cables to establish a digital footprint for your property, we take our work inside to complete projects that can include painting office spaces and connecting the electrical grid.

Post-Construction Services

A pat on the back after the ribbon-cutting ceremony for your commercial construction project is always welcome by our accomplished team of general contractors. However, the ribbon-cutting ceremony is not the last act of our responsibilities. D&B Construction also offers post-construction services that ensure you make a smooth transition into opening your structure for business.

We take the time necessary to train your maintenance team on how to take care of all the new equipment and provide you with a detailed maintenance schedule to keep the equipment operating at optimal performance levels. D&B Construction works closely with city inspectors to ensure your commercial property exceeds the minimum operational standards established by local regulators.

Teaching Workplace Safety Rules

Workplace safety is vital to the team of project managers at D&B Construction. The close partnership we have established with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) prepares our employees and independent contractors to work safely on your commercial construction project. A workplace accident can derail your project for days, if not weeks at a time.

Hiring a general contractor that puts workplace safety first can help keep your project running on time and under budget.

Next Steps

Hire one of the best commercial construction companies near Lawrence Township, NJ. To learn more about D&B Construction, read the online reviews our clients have left for us on sites such as Facebook and Google. You should see why scheduling a free consultation with us can help you achieve your dream project.

Call our office at 610-927-6494 or submit the online form today to schedule a free consultation.

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