Commercial Construction Companies in Lancaster, PA

Commercial Construction Companies in Lancaster, PA

You have spent years planning for the development of your commercial property. Now comes the most critical decision of all.

Which of the commercial construction companies in Lancaster, PA, will you choose to be your partner?

Hiring the right general contractor to oversee your entire project is the most important decision you can expect to make. When you partner with D&B Construction, you work with a team of commercial construction experts with more than a decade of experience completing a wide variety of projects.

We do much more than manage your commercial construction project. You can lean on us for design ideas early in the planning process. D&B Construction also works with you after completing your project to ensure every issue that pops up is taken care of promptly.

We are there for you from start to finish, which is something few, if any, commercial construction companies can say in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

How Do You Hire the Right General Contractor?

We understand that you have dozens of choices when it comes to hiring a commercial construction company. Let’s see how you can whittle down your list to the best company of them all: D&B Construction.

Promotes Workplace Safety

Several factors can disrupt a commercial construction project. Factors such as the weather and supply issues are typically out of our control. We can plan for bad weather and supply delays, but we cannot control the outcome. However, D&B Construction controls the outcome when it comes to promoting a safe workplace.

Whether on a construction site or inside your office building, we take extraordinary measures to ensure workplace safety. Our team of general contractors and every special contractor working on your project undergo extensive safety training as presented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Highly Responsive

Although you delegate the responsibilities of running your project to D&B Construction, you are never out of the communication loop when it comes to the status of your project. We have earned the reputation for being highly responsive when returning emails, phone calls, and text messages. In addition to responsiveness, you can expect us to be transparent by sending you daily status reports, as well as weekly and monthly financial statements.

Work with the Most Qualified Special Contractors

More than ten years of experience have allowed us to develop an extensive network of the best subcontractors operating in eastern Pennsylvania. We have access to a deep pool of talented trade professionals, including plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. Our familiarity with our special contractors helps us meet every scheduling goal for commercial construction projects.

Trade Partner Spotlight: Gillespie Electric

We are proud to have worked with the trade processionals at Gillespie Electric, Inc. on a project involving the new ambulatory building at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. John, who joined our team this year after putting 34 years in the general contractor industry, says the electrical work completed by Gillespie Electric, Inc. is some of the best work he has ever seen. As John put it, their work is so perfectly executed that it “demonstrates the quality and care that these guys have to make this job beautiful.”

D&B Construction: Building Trust with Our Partners

When you read the reviews left by our clients online, you should notice a common theme. Many of our clients have worked with us before. Repeat business is a sign that we develop the trust necessary to forge successful partnerships with our clients. Check out our client reviews. We have also earned the highest rating of A+ from the BBB. Contact us today by calling 610-927-6494 or by submitting the convenient online form.

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