Commercial Construction Companies in Hershey, PA

Commercial Construction Companies in Hershey, PA

Resilience is what you want in the general contractor that manages your commercial construction project. For more than ten years, the project managers at D&B Construction have defined what resilience means. Our ability to adapt to rapid changes without missing a workday is one of the hallmarks of our business. For commercial property owners in the Chocolate Capital of the World, Hershey, PA, working with us means you have hired one of the best commercial construction companies in the tri-state region.

No other year tested our resilience more than 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic forced some projects to halt temporarily while other projects had to delay the groundbreaking ceremonies. Through it all, we helped our clients move forward with their commercial property development projects.

Resilience remains the backbone of our business character.

As we head towards the end of 2021, D&B Construction is ready to manage your commercial construction project. We offer a more diverse portfolio of commercial property development projects than any other general contractor operating in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey.

D&B Construction works with clients during every phase of a project, including the critical phase called pre-construction.

Pre-Construction Services

Although many of our competitors do not offer pre-construction services, D&B Construction enthusiastically collaborates with clients to develop design ideas. We have a team of architects, engineers, and interior designers who sit with your design team to brainstorm ideas that match your creative vision. They say two heads are better than one, which is especially true when trying to develop design ideas for a commercial construction project.

Once we develop design ideas with you, our pre-construction services include recruiting the right team of independent contractors to work on the construction phase of your project. Each one of our trade partners is fully insured and licensed to work with the project managers at D&B Construction.

Post-Construction Services

The day you cut the ribbon to open your commercial property is not the day we end the project. We perform a thorough cleanup of the property that includes ensuring all systems are ready for use. D&B Construction provides maintenance training for your property managers and instructs your property managers about how to operate every piece of equipment. We will conduct a workplace safety tour with you to explain where you should focus on safety issues. Before we shake hands and leave your property, we spend time with local and state inspectors to confirm your property complies with all regulations.

Safety First

The workplace safety tour is a critical post-construction service. D&B Construction partners with the State of Pennsylvania to promote workplace safety during monthly safety meetings. We have established the position of Safety Director to educate our clients about the importance of maintaining a safe work environment. Safety first matters while we are onsite and long after we finish your commercial construction project.

A workplace accident can put your project behind schedule, costing you a considerable amount of money. Work with a general contractor that makes safety a priority in the workplace.

Contact D&B Construction

We know you have many options for commercial construction companies in Hershey, PA. D&B Construction makes the decision easy. Spend time with us to build a professional relationship that leads to the successful completion of your creative vision. Schedule a free consultation with a team of D&B Construction project managers by submitting the convenient form or by calling our office at 610-927-6494.

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