Commercial Construction Companies in Harrisburg, PA

Commercial Construction Companies in Harrisburg, PA

Choosing one of the best commercial construction companies near Harrisburg, PA, is the most critical decision you can expect to make for your project. Many factors come into play for finding the right partner to put the finishing touches on your design dream. If your design dream needs a finishing touch, a general contractor like D&B Construction can help push it over the finish line.

Many general contractors operating in the tri-state area boast about their team of project management specialists. However, none of our competitors provide the same comprehensive list of services that D&B Construction provides. We help clients achieve their design visions by sitting down with them long before breaking ground on their projects.

D&B Construction collaborates with the most accomplished architects and engineers to create attention-grabbing designs that seamlessly help a commercial construction project blend in with the surrounding architecture. We also ensure that your design vision complies with local building codes.

Our highly-rated commercial construction services get you from point A to the end of your project on time and under budget.

We Get Involved in the Community

Community engagement is more than donating money; it also involves recruiting residents who have what it takes to complete successful commercial construction projects. While many general contractors put up their employees in extended stay housing, our project management professionals live in the community.

This means that we have a personal stake in the outcome of your commercial construction project.

One example of our community involvement is the partnership we have established with Berger Rental Communities. Responsible for helping prospective tenants find new homes, Berger Rental Communities in Wayne, Pennsylvania, needed a place for the company to call home. The completion of the new headquarters for Berger follows the successful collaboration we had with the company during its Willowbrook Clubhouse commercial construction project.

Discover what we have to offer our clients by looking at the results of our partnership with Berger in building their new headquarters.

Experience Matters

More than ten successful years of completing commercial construction projects in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey make D&B Construction one of the go-to general contractors in the tri-state area. Experience is what helped us navigate the turbulent waters surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. If there was ever a time to showcase our ability to adapt to rapid change, it was during the outbreak’s height in 2020.

Experience allows us to work with the most accomplished trade specialists operating along the eastern seaboard. D&B Construction leverages over a decade of experience to partner with the best specialty contractors, from technically savvy electricians to fully licensed HVAC professionals.

With an excellent support team in place, we offer the following services for our commercial property clients:

  • Construction of company headquarters
  • Renovate current buildings
  • Add on to retail complexes
  • Design additional stores for small businesses
  • Refurbish historic structures
  • Create the design for industrial parks

Commitment to Safety

A workplace accident can delay a commercial construction project for days, if not weeks. Falling behind costs time and money. At D&B Construction, we place workplace safety at the top of our list of priorities.

By working with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), we have established an industry-leading safety program that both our employees and independent contractors must complete before they step onto your commercial property. We do not treat workplace safety as a one-time training session. D&B Construction runs ongoing workplace safety training programs that teach the latest techniques in creating a safe place for everyone to work.

Learn more about the services of our commercial construction company and our commitment to the Harrisburg, PA, community by calling our office at 610-927-6494 or submitting the convenient online form.

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