Commercial Construction Companies in Georgetown, DE

You have dozens of choices in the tri-state area when it comes to hiring a general contractor to work on your commercial construction project. The question is, which of the commercial construction companies in Georgetown, DE fulfills every one of your criteria? You do not have to search long for the correct answer.

It is D&B Construction.

One of the factors that separate us from our competitors is we offer the best construction services. Our team of project managers oversees every phase of your commercial construction project. Although some companies promote particular services, D&B Construction provides our clients with a comprehensive list of services that start long before the ground is broken on your project to long after the last inspector has left your commercial property.

Let’s look at more reasons why our clients keep coming back to the commercial construction professionals at D&B Construction.

Pre-Construction Planning

You do not have to do all the planning for your project by yourself. D&B Construction can help you come up with design ideas that match your creative vision. We work with a highly-rated team of architects, engineers, and interior designers to brainstorm design ideas for our clients.

Our pre-construction involvement with your project delivers the following benefits:

  • Faster completion of your commercial construction project
  • The improved visual appeal of your property
  • Contingency planning
  • Lower prices for materials
  • Enhanced workplace safety

A safer workplace prevents costly delays in your project, as well as holds down the cost of purchasing workers’ compensation insurance.

Talented Team of Independent Contractors

When you hire D&B Construction to work on your commercial construction project, you no longer have the responsibility to recruit and manage a large team of independent contractors. More than a decade of experience completing exceptional commercial construction projects in Georgetown, Delaware, has allowed us to develop a vast network of the best independent contractors. We have access to the most talented trade professionals that include HVAC specialists and masons, plumbers, and electricians.

We Keep You in the Communication Loop

Delegating responsibility for completing your commercial construction project does not mean you do not stay involved during the entire process. You have immediate access to one of our client services representatives to answer questions and address concerns. On-site, we put together daily status reports that you receive via email. We also submit weekly and monthly accounting statements that let you know where you stand financially.

Post-Construction Services

When a commercial construction project reaches its conclusion, many general contractors like to take the money and run. However, D&B Construction works with clients to ensure the commercial property that we helped develop runs smoothly for years to come.

This means we offer post-construction services to ensure your new commercial property opens with everything ready to go.

We provide the following post-construction services:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing of the entire property
  • Train your employees on how to operate maintenance equipment
  • Give you a schedule for maintenance tasks
  • Obtain every permit required by Georgetown and the State of Delaware
  • Create a digital database to account for inventory

Contact D&B Construction

More than ten years of experience has generated a substantial number of client reviews online at sites like Facebook and Google. Spend a little time reading our client reviews to see why we have developed a reputation for completing commercial construction projects on time and under budget. We suggest you review our Better Business Bureau (BBB) page as well. The BBB has awarded us an A+ rating, which the consumer advocacy organization does not hand out often.

Schedule a free consultation today by calling us at 610-927-6494 or by submitting the convenient online form.

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