Commercial Construction Companies in Dover, DE

Commercial Construction Companies in Dover, DE

Your meticulous planning has paid off for developing the blueprint for your new commercial property. Now, you have to make the most difficult decision during the entire construction process. Which of the commercial construction companies in Dover, DE is the right one to manage your project?

It is not an easy question to answer because dozens of general contractors operate in and around the capital city of Delaware. However, you can shorten your options to just a couple of general contractors, with D&B Construction at the top of the list of best candidates.

After a relatively down year in 2020, the commercial construction business is once again booming in 2021. This means you should be proactive when selecting the right general contractor to oversee your commercial construction project.

Proactive means scheduling a free consultation with the project managers at D&B Construction.

We meet with you to determine what types of commercial construction services you need to complete your project successfully. One of the many advantages of choosing D&B Construction is that we provide pre-construction consulting services. We have a team of architects, engineers, and interior designers ready to brainstorm design ideas with you. D&B Construction also develops detailed work schedules for our highly skilled team of trade professionals.

Know What to Look for in the Best General Contractor

The best general contractor recruits the most talented team of independent contractors to work on your commercial construction project. With over a decade of managing commercial construction projects in the tri-state area, D&B Construction works with an extensive network of highly skilled trade professionals. During the pre-construction phase of your project, we reach out to the right independent contractors to create a dream team of trade professionals.

Commitment to Workplace Safety

A workplace accident that injures a worker can lead to a significant delay in completing your project. To prevent workplace accidents, D&B Construction has created the position of Safety Director to coordinate workplace safety training sessions with the State of Pennsylvania. Our Safety Director visits every worksite to ensure our team of general and independent contractors follows every safety guideline established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Adapt to Rapid Changes

Eliminating workplace accidents does not eliminate unexpected problems. We have to plan for delays that are caused by bad weather and disruptions in the supply chain. To minimize disruptions in the supply chain, our team of project managers orders supplies at the beginning of your project that help us reach the end of your project. We want to avoid getting caught off guard during your project because we cannot find specific material. As for bad weather, our contingency planning produces two work assignments on the same day. One assignment focuses on outdoor work, while the second features work indoors.

Responsive Communicator

Delegating management responsibilities to D&B Construction does not mean you walk away only to return when we complete the project. We keep you informed about the status of your project, as well as the performance of financial metrics. When you call or send an email to one of our project managers, you can expect a timely response that answers your questions and addresses your concerns.

Partner with D&B Construction

The free consultation provides you with an opportunity to see for yourself why so many of our
clients are repeat customers. Learn why we are one of the best commercial construction companies in Dover, DE. Before you meet with us, please read our online client reviews to learn how we develop trust by emphasizing integrity and transparency. You can trust a general contractor that has received the highest rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Schedule a free consultation by submitting the online form or calling us at 610-927-6494.

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