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Giving back to the community is an important mission for any type of business. For our Delaware clients, giving back to the community makes us one of the most popular commercial construction companies operating in the state. In addition to supporting local civic groups, we also encourage our employees who live in Delaware to invest some of their spare time in making their communities better.

Community service is just one of the reasons why D&B Construction stands out as the go-to commercial construction company in Delaware.

General Construction

As one of several commercial general contractors in Delaware, D&B Construction has earned the trust of clients all over the state for more than 10 years. Our general construction experience is the heart and soul of our business model. Instead of working with a general contractor that outsources jobs during a commercial construction project, you work with a company that does all the work itself.

We recruit specialized trade professionals to handle every step of a commercial construction project. For example, our in-house team of HVAC experts designs and installs heating and cooling systems that keep your monthly energy bills low, while keeping your customers comfortable while they do business with you.

D&B Construction provides the following general construction services:

  • Building new structures
  • Renovating current structures
  • Restoring office buildings
  • Expanding retail outlets
  • Adding to existing businesses

Many of our competitors have lost the passion for implementing their initial missions: To hammer nails and smooth over concrete. D&B Construction assumes full accountability for every phase of your commercial construction project, from erecting steel support beams to installing weatherproof doors and windows.

Construction Management

Full-service operator is how we best define the business model of D&B Construction. We want you to consider us much more as a partner for the completion of your commercial construction project. D&B Construction is more like an extension of your team, as we interact with you on a daily basis to provide updates on our construction management tasks. From the planning stage to post-construction meetings with city officials, D&B Construction manages every phase of your commercial construction project.

Here are some of our responsibilities when it comes to construction management:

  • Scheduling
  • Cost estimation reports
  • Contract negotiations with suppliers
  • Quality control
  • Implementing health and safety protocols

Safety First

You have probably seen a sign at a business that lets everyone know how many days have passed since the last safety incident. You know, “39 days since the last safety report” at XYZ company.

D&B Construction is committed to making workplace safety our number one business priority. An unsafe construction zone can lead to incidents that cost both of us time and money. By creating the ultimate safe workplace, we keep your commercial construction project moving along at an efficient pace.

It is more than words printed into our employee handbook. D&B Construction provides constant training for our associates to remain on top of the latest advances in workplace safety principles.

Featured Project: Sheex

When you visit our website, you can access several pages that highlight some of our proudest achievements. One such proud commercial construction achievement is called SHEEX, which is a company that produced the first Performance Sheets. As the general contractor responsible for the construction of their store located inside the largest shopping mall along the East Coast, D&B Construction installed every display, signage, and custom logo that was strategically placed throughout the sprawling store.

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We know that you have numerous options among the commercial construction companies in Delaware. Learn more about why businesses turn to D&B Construction by submitting our online contact form or by calling our office at (610) 609-8663.

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