Selecting A General Contractor for Commercial Fit-Outs


Fitting out an office space for your organization is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming undertaking. Successful fit-outs start with a well-developed pre-construction phase, with the proper planning and design to ensure a smooth project throughout the construction process. Selecting a general contractor that is well-versed in pre-construction and project management and can demonstrate their expertise in fit-outs is essential.


At D&B Construction, we work with owners, developers, and architects to complete fit-outs of various sizes and industries including healthcare, commercial, and retail. As a full-service construction firm, our experienced project managers are well-skilled in building from the ground up or within the walls of an existing commercial building to transform open space into corporate offices, medical exam rooms, break rooms, retail space, and more. To get started on your fit-out, consider the following:

  • An office fit-out is an organization’s opportunity to take a blank canvas and make it their own. Consider how you can organize your space to increase workflow and enhance your staff’s performance. Do this by evaluating how the workspace will be used and what your team needs to efficiently complete their jobs.


  • Plan for the future. If you ask yourself questions like “How will my business/industry grow and change over the next few years?” and “Will the proposed space be able to accommodate expansion in the future?” you can avoid needing to make renovations sooner than you’d like. As a result, your organization will save money by avoiding having to interrupt business to make changes to your office space.


  • Make flexibility top of mind. Consider how technology advances and new trends may impact your office’s workflow. Does your space have the flexibility to adapt to such rapid change?

Selecting Your Construction Partner

-Your general contractor (GC) should provide a dedicated project team to oversee your fit-out. To make sure the job runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, your GC should lead the project team by meticulously going over your project’s logistics and specifications in pre-construction. At D&B Construction, this often includes working with your property management team, building architects and engineers, and other tenants in your building.

-A smooth project starts with good communication and planning. For D&B, that means actively working out and updating schedule details to limit any type of disruption or inconvenience to your current operations. A constant open line of communication and attention to detail ensures your project is completed on time.

-Our weekly client meetings ensure you are always fully aware of your project’s progress. Frequent communication also enables the team to identify any changes needed during the build-out.

-Our subcontractors are our trusted partners. At D&B, our team works hand-in-hand with our trade partners to achieve perfection on your project. Our high standards of cleanliness, safety, and quality of work shows through the duration of the project.

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