Our Expertise in Healthcare Construction Allows You To Focus on Healing


From medical and technological advancements to changing patient demographics and regulations, healthcare facilities are faced with revolutionary transformations to continue providing the quality of care your patients and community expect. Whether your transformation is a renovation to an existing hospital or medical clinic or a ground-up design-build, D&B Construction is proud to partner with you.  


At D&B Construction, we understand the intricacies of building in sensitive hospital environments and how to leverage technology to find solutions that save time, effort, and money. We are innately aware that healthcare has shifted from a volume-based care model to a value-based care model – where facilities are designed and built to support patient outcomes and core care elements.

From Collaboration to Innovation

We believe the best healthcare construction projects start with collaboration.  As your general contractor partner, you can trust us to listen first to ensure we understand your passion and goals associated with your project. From there, our staff and the design team will meet with you to brainstorm ideas with input from the architects, engineers, and even interior designers.

Throughout the construction project, you can expect communication and a lot of it. We will send you daily progress reports and site photographs, as well as any changes in the project schedule. You can also expect full access to every financial and accounting document to ensure complete transparency.


We Only Partner With the Best Trade Partners

Throughout our construction experience, we have developed an extensive network of Trade Partners who also understand the complexities associates with healthcare construction. From our network of experts, you can count on us to know which Trade Partners are the best fit for your unique project.


  • Pre-Construction Consulting

    D&B Construction’s pre-construction consulting services allow us to analyze and establish risk and opportunities involved with complex construction endeavors before the project begins. We provide industry knowledge and expertise to guide our customers in the proper direction.

  • BIM / VDC

    At D&B we utilize BIM and VDC so we can virtually simulate your projects before we move to design and build resulting in better-informed decisions.

  • Construction Management

    D&B Construction offers this full breadth of service to assist with effective cost oversight, project scope, schedule, quality, and proper compliance with all safety regulations.

  • On-Site Management Consulting

    With every D&B project you can rest assured knowing there is a dedicated Superintendent on-site keeping track of everything from the projects’ financials to updating progress photos in real-time. If your project is facing unforeseen challenges, D&B’s on-site management consultants can ensure the best possible outcome to save you money and time.

  • General Contracting

    D&B Construction oversees daily construction operations and construction best practices to ensure a smooth delivery of products and services from concept to completion.

  • Design-Build

    Design-Build improves project delivery by streamlining processes, therefore saving time, money, and effort. D&B Construction utilizes innovative processes and technology to create predictability for our customers. This provides the unique option to be involved on or off-site, providing transparency and open communication for peace of mind.

  • Design-Bid

    At D&B Construction our focus is relationships. We work hand-in-hand to ensure that our clients’ goals and visions are met through our design-bid process.

  • Sustainable Construction Services

    D&B Construction is a pioneer of Green Building, sustainability, and LEED, the most widely used green building rating system in the world.

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